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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Great Day!

It was a great day for 2 reasons - the first being that we had a little Halloween party at our house this morning that was pretty fun for the kids (plus it's over), and the second because I had delicious hot wings for dinner. What can I say, I'm easy to please!

So my Halloween "party" turned out to be more like playgroup with some Halloween activities, because I didn't decorate (I hardly have any Halloween stuff out at all), and we didn't play any games either. Plus I didn't have my kids dress up since they just dressed up yesterday & will be dressing up 2 more times! I got up at 6am to bake sugar cookies (I made the dough last night), and after about 25 minutes of searching for my large pumpkin cookie cutter I decided I'd have to go to WalMart. I'd kind of needed to go anyway. Jack was up by that time (about 6:45) so I took him with me. When I did finally bake the cookies I realized that for little kids the new cutter I'd just bought was way too big, so I ended up using the smaller pumpkin cutter that I'd already found in my cupboard. It figures!

Anyway, when the kids got here (10am) they did play-doh for a while, then we made foam Halloween masks (Target), had pumpkin-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch (along with grapes, baby carrots & juice), and decorated the cookies. Not that much, but it was still 12:30 when everyone was gone. I made little goodie bags with the halloween packaged Teddy Grahams, the Peanuts halloween fruit snacks, gummy spiders, candy bones, Nerds, pumpkin bubbles (pumpkin container), and ugly little finger puppets. Next year I'll have to actually put some effort ahead of time into the get together so they can play games. But really, with the oldest ones there being 3 1/2 I don't think it was such a big deal that there were no games. The kids had a great time ripping through the house & playing with toys. And Callie was a cute little hostess when she was saying goodbye to their friends - she'd give them a side hug and say thanks for coming. I'd just told her to tell them bye! She's funny. Oh yeah, yesterday she was waiting for me to finish something & she said, "Mom! The suspense is killing me!" LOL!

Callie's cookies:
So there was another truck wreck while I was in Utah for the weekend & it was hot wings - and not just your cheap any day wings, but restaurant wings. Consequently, we now have a deep freezer in our garage! Tonight was the first time I got to try the wings & they were SO DANG GOOD! I seriously ate like 15! Jeremiah thought they needed some kind of glaze so he bought this: (I highly recommend it!)

And then again, if the sauce was too vinegary I couldn't tell. I've been stuffed up for about 3 weeks now (thanks to pregnancy) so I can't taste or smell super great.

Here's pictures from yesterday - the kids got dressed up for a halloween-themed story time the library. I LOVE Jack as a skeleton - I think it's really funny! He doesn't even look like himself!

4 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

oh my gosh that's the funniest thing. the hot wings. I just shared that story with my office. And you're right..Jack looks more like a punk in his costume. Looks TONS more like Jer here.

shannon said...

LOVE that fact that you have a deep freeze full of chicken wings...too funny! the party sounds like a blast and the kids look darling in their costumes!

Janelle said...

Wow I ought to have Brad look into the trash business because I could use a bit more food in my freezer. Your party sounded way fun. You are too cute with all the party favors and themed lunch. I am lucky if I get my house cleaned for parties let alone have any sort of theme. How do you do it, especially while you are pregnant. Those sure were cute costumes and I can't believe that Jack held still for the face paint.

MikeF said...

Mmmmm, wings! I am so jealous. But honestly, if you can find it, Crystal brand hot sauce is so much better. Nice and hot, but you can still detect a flavor.
I thought Jack also looked like a punk . . . reminded me of one of my favorite punk bands, the Misfits. I think it is for that reason that Leigh Ann wouldn't let me dress Jake up like that.