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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A clean home is a happy home!

Life is good right now. 2 of Jeremiah's brothers are visiting today so they're out 4-wheeling or shooting guns or something - guy stuff. My kids are both asleep after a ridiculously long shopping afternoon, so I can put up my aching feet & actually update my blog! Except for my bedroom, my house is totally clean. And my bedroom will be clean in the next couple of days once I fold all the clean laundry that's ALL OVER my floor! This will be the first time in a LONG time that my entire house will be clean all at once! A lot of you find it hard to believe that I'm as much of a slob as I claim, but you'd be surprised. A friend of mine told me that my house is clean any time she's ever seen it. Well yeah! If I know somebody's coming over of course the public areas are clean! So I'm going to try so so so so SO hard to be better from this point on. I LOOOOOVE how spotless everything is! And it's not even really deep-cleaned. Imagine how much more joy I'd have if my house were dusted?! Anyway, so the only thing hovering over my head right now is the fact that somebody from the stake presidency wants to meet with Jeremiah (& me) in about an hour. I have a pretty good idea what this is all about, but I guess I'll know for sure soon enough!

So my kids are so stinkin' cute! I'm sure everyone else's are too, but seriously, my kids are great! Jack is talking like crazy now! He can mostly talk in sentences & I love it! It's so much easier to communicate! And he says funny things too. He's still totally obsessed with monsters. I'd love to have him watch Monsters, Inc., but I'm afraid it would do more damage than good. Most of the time he likes to be a monster, but he still wakes up occassionally because he's afraid of a monster. It's crazy. He's fascinated anyway.

If it weren't like a 5-minute ordeal, I'd put a video of Callie telling the story of the 3 Little Pigs on here. There's another obsession. She is constantly either telling the story or asking to be told. She's heard & watched a few different versions now, so the stories are all run together, but the basic theme is still the same. She has particularly picked up on the Disney version with the singing pigs. She loves to sing about tooting her flute & then she'll randomly make up words that rhyme with tooting her flute. She was telling Jeremiah & I the story the other day & at the end she surprised us by adding another part - from the Disney version (even though she's seen the D-version tons of times & told the story tons of times w/out this last part). Anyway, she told us about how at the end the older pig knocked on the table to play a joke on the other 2 pigs & about how the 2 pigs hid under the bed since they thought it was the wolf at the door. She said, "And those little pigs were so freakin' scared!" I laughed so hard I cried, & then she asked me what I was laughing at!

I stopped at a yard sale yesterday after I'd picked Callie up from dance because it looked like they had a lot of toys. Not that my kids need ANY toys. They were getting ready to pack up so the guy told me I could just have whatever I wanted. I got some sweet stuff! A Disney Princess magical wand & mirror, a Fisher-Price kid-proof cassette player (which I actually almost bought on eBay for like $15 plus shipping!), a Barbie electric guitar (Callie loves Uncle Stuart's guitar), and a few F-P Little People to give to the nursery. Callie LOVES the magical wand. We'd just bought a less annoying one for my niece Katelyn's birthday and the kids played with it the whole time we were at the store. This one does magical sounds if you even look at it. After we got home last night I discovered the babysitter had turned it off! haha! Anyway, a few princesses say things like make a wish & wave the wand. So all afternoon Callie would hear that then wave the wand & say things like, "I wish my mom won't be mean to me!" (and I wasn't even being mean then!), "I wish Jack will be nice to me," "I wish I could go to Disneyland." And the best was when our babysitter Amanda had just barely got to our house and Callie said, "I wish that Heidi could come over and babysit me." Thankfully Amanda didn't hear it, but Callie probably said it again later anyway!

Okay, if you haven't been to Costco & seen this you have to go! How adorable is this kitchen?! I wanted to get it for Christmas but since we'll be in WA it would be very difficult to have it there for Christmas morning & then get it home, so I just got it anyway. I don't know how long I'll keep it in the box in the garage - maybe till Callie's birthday - but you know how it is with stuff at Costco & Sam's. You'd better get it while they have it or you'll never get it! I just love it! I love Pottery Barn's too & the fact that you can get it in red (so it would be more unisex), but it's $750 plus shipping compared to this one at $140. An adorable steal! Jack will just have to deal with a pink kitchen!

Well Jeremiah just pulled up so I guess I'm done. But here are a couple pics of the kids yesterday afternoon. They LOOOOVE the hammock! They play on/in it a LOT!

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Chelsea said...

I love my niece and nephew. They're so cute. Totally know what you mean about costco (see my post). I got more ribbon today. I still couldn't find the reversible blue/brown, so I got the red/pink.

Is the play kitchen made of wood? you really couldn't MAKE that cheaper than what costco was selling it for.