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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well Jeremiah was sustained today as the 2nd counselor in the stake young men's presidency at stake conference, which was by the way the worst 2 hours we've had with the kids in a while. Okay, just the last hour was really bad. Because Justin & Jason were headed out when we went to church, we were late (of course we probably would have been anyway, but I always love a good excuse!). So we weren't even there when Jer was sustained. I noticed afterward as Jeremiah was talking to the new YM pres. & the 1st counselor what a huge age span there is in the presidency. The pres. looks around my dad's age (51), maybe a few years younger, and the 1st counselor had to be at least 10 years older than the pres. Not that it matters, I just noticed it. Anyway, because we were late the chapel & cultural hall were totally filled so we were happy to take the kids & watch on the tv in the nursery. They didn't have toys out, but they had the low table & chairs out so we set the kids up w/crayons & paper & books. After an hour of coloring Jack was done. He was a total pain after that & even did his scream for everyone a couple of times, which I just want to beat him when he does. I couldn't have been more glad when it was over! I can't clearly remember what any of the talks were really about.

I'm so looking forward to this next weekend! I'm going to Utah to visit Wendy BY MYSELF! How amazing is that?! I justified it because Wendy & I didn't go to CKU this year so not only would I love a scrapbook weekend, but also this is WAY cheaper than CKU would have been. I am still bummed that we didn't go to CKU, but I'm looking forward to a great weekend! I'm flying Thursday night & get in at MIDNIGHT! (By the time we decided to do it the ding fares for normal times were sold out. We always stay up way too late anyway.) So on Friday night we're going with her Relief Society to Witch's Night Out at Gardner Village and Saturday will probably be an all day crop day. And I'm sure we'll get some shopping in too! And Wendy's going to be able to have her awesome SIL babysit her boys on Friday & Saturday so we're gonna have an amazing weekend! Not that I don't just adore my children, but are you kidding me? Shopping & cropping without kids?!! I'm coming home Monday morning & then Monday afternoon I have my big ultrasound. Still haven't talked Jeremiah into NOT finding out what we're having. I guess we'll see how the chips land! With Callie & Jack it took 3 tries each to discover the sex. Maybe Jeremiah will win but they won't be able to tell anyway. I'd have to gloat.

Oh yeah, for anybody who hasn't heard & is working on food storage, wheat is supposed to be sky-rocketing very soon. Just a little FYI. I find it amazing that even the government is recommending that everyone have some kind of food storage. Haven't they said like 3 mos?

Well I think I'm the only one awake right now & since I finally have a clean workspace I think I'm gonna mess it up again & scrapbook! Oh yeah, here's my workspace: (Jeremiah is the BEST!)

2 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

oooh! I love your workspace. I told Ry that when we move, we need to find a place with 3 bedrooms so he can have an office and I can have a craftroom. okay, if we have kids, maybe we'll need 4 rooms! And I'm so totally jealous you're going to Witches Night Out. Apparently there are tons of different kinds, but I went to Gardner's Village for the first time last week and LOVED it. So cute.

shannon said...

i am still so jealous of your work/crop room...it's so divine. someday i'll have one! and how fun for your weekend sans kids...you lucky girl you! i hope you have a fun trip here...it's cold though and snowy/rainy so bring your warm clothes!