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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby (girl/boy) Divis

So we had our big ultrasound yesterday afternoon. I really didn't want to find out what we were having, but Jeremiah was gonna be really bummed if we didn't, and being the awesome, unselfish wife that I am I decided his happiness was more important. And I also didn't want to hear him whining about it for the next few months! So amazingly enough this baby wasn't as modest or shy or uncooperative as the first 2 & we were able to find out the first try. I was secretly (or not so secretly) hoping we wouldn't be able to tell. Anyway, it's a girl!!! Jeremiah's not thrilled. He doesn't like that Jack walks around the house sometimes with a purse & a baby doll. He was hoping that a brother would help. I don't think it's a big deal though that Jack does that - it's perfectly normal toddler behavior. And he does plenty of other boyish things! I really didn't have a preference about the sex, but I'm now looking forward to some matchy-matchy outfits! I saw this little family at church Sunday with 3 girls all in the same dress with similar hair accessories & they were just so darling! This will be fun!

4 talk to me:

MikeF said...

Jacob also will play with a purse when he is over with his girlfriend Abby. But I don't sweat it. He loves to wrestle, and he can't go more than a minute without at least one car in his hands (he usually prefers two).

shannon said...

YAHOO! i am so excited for you guys...and hopefully she'll have amazing eyes just like callie!

Evonne said...

Congratulations! When is your due date...we have to be close (we just found out we're having a boy on Tuesday).

Janelle said...

Yeah another girl. You are so sweet to find out for Jeremiah's sake. I think that it would have been great if you had said you could find out, but the baby was being modest. I really don't think that I could handle that much anticipation, waiting for 9 months. Congrats.