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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing new

Since Halloween I've eaten way more candy (chocolate mostly) than anybody should eat (pregnant or not) & my kids have been sick. So nothing good to report! I do have a bet going with Jeremiah about whether or not I'll get our Christmas cards out early or not this year, & I'm determined to win! Last year I didn't even get them sent. I got as far as purchasing the cards, but that was it. The year before I think I mailed them a couple days after Christmas. If I can get them in the mail the first week of December not only will it be an amazing accomplishment for me, I'll win the bet! Nothing motivates me like winning! My prize is that he'll take me to dinner - not a big deal since we are regular daters. But the fact that he thinks I can't do it is the push I need. I WILL do it!

This is our last weekend with nothing planned until NEXT YEAR! Actually, Jeremiah does have something to go to tonight so it's not a totally unplanned weekend. I can't believe how quickly our calendar is filling up & we don't even have school-aged kids! I used to be able to get by without a calendar (I'm still not carrying around a planner), but now we're busier than ever & I'm more forgetful. I love it though. It gives me stuff to look forward to.

So here's the latest from the kids:

On occassion after yelling at Callie I'll realize I was wrong so I'll apologize & tell her I'm sorry I over-reacted! Callie was sent to her room the other night because she was throwing a fit about something stupid and a minute later she came back to me & said (still crying), "Mom, I think you over-acted."

Jack has been telling me "thank you for the food" at meals. He also tells me a lot, "I wuv you so much!" And the other night when Jeremiah said his name he said, "Don't call me that. I'm Jackson." Jeremiah said, "You're Jack." And he said, "No, I'm Jackson." He's never cared before! He does however sometimes correct us when we say something like, "You're a hunter." He'll tell us then that he's not a hunter, he's just Jackson.

3 talk to me:

shannon said...

love the over-acting! and that's crazy about your planned weekend...sometimes that makes me hate the holidays, ya know?

Chelsea said...

I love the stories about the kids. I always read them to ryan. OH, I found the most delicious sounding recipe for pecan something or other for thanksgiving...mmmm..

Janelle said...

Your kids are great. I can't wait for the day when Camille can recognize that I am having a grown up tantrum, which I have a lot. You know I just want to warn you that I love the name Jackson so much and if/when I ever have a boy I may have to steal the name. It about the only name that didn't get tainted by my 2 years of teaching, there was a really sweet and nice Jackson. I used to love the name Brayden until I taught one.