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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

food for thought

I've decided I'm down with melamine! As far as kids' dinnerware anyway! Mostly. If you haven't already wasted your money buying your kids those cute matching character sets, save your money & just go with the less fun but much more practical tupperware-type plastic. Maybe a fun cup would satisfy them. I've had several of our melamine dishes crack & break recently & it's very frustrating - obviously this stuff isn't really meant for use with children! I'll still buy the cheap seasonal melamine dishes at Target, because it's not as sad when one of them cracks & breaks since I'd probably want to replace it the next season anyway.

The deep-freezer that we bought to store all of our hot wings has issues! It keeps our meat completely frozen solid, but that's about it! I noticed the other day that the ice cream that was in there was all soft (why I squeezed the containers I don't know) so I put it all in a different freezer. A little bit later I decided to eat some ice cream & was severely disappointed. First I tried some Haagen-Dazs. It was a brand new carton so after I peeled off the top wrapper I immediately realized it had completely melted & hadn't even had time to re-freeze all the way in the second freezer. So the top of it was total ice crystals & the center was soupy! Then I moved on to some Ben & Jerry's (I have expensive cravings, I know!). It too was unopened but unlike the Haagen-Dazs with the top seal, it was only sealed around the very outside of the carton. I took a bite & was very surprised to be tasting hot wing-flavored Cherry Garcia! Yes, my ice cream tasted like hot wings! To B/J's credit I have to say that their ice cream reset much better than the H-D. It still had the re-frozen texture but was on the whole much closer to it's original state (minus the hot wing flavor, that is). My dad was here so he tasted it & then declared it was the best of both worlds - hot wings & good ice cream at the same time!!! He would! I also took a brand new Sam's Club-sized bag of frozen biscuits out of the deep-freezer & was pissed when I discovered that instead of individually frozen biscuits it was a big doughy clump! So I don't know what the deal is, but I hate that dang freezer! I think whoever made it needs to send me a check for $25 to cover the biscuits & ice cream & a couple other frozen desserts that were in there!

Last night Jack fell asleep during dinner so we went ahead & put him in bed for the night. I think he'd had enough to eat at least - afterall he'd taken a "bite" of me earlier & said that I was "the most delicious I ever had!" :) Anyway, Jeremiah & I had to go to tithing settlement so my brother Stuart & his friend came over to play XBox & we took Callie with us for that & to go grocery shopping. We didn't get home till 9 and Callie decided she was still hungry. We'd had Panda Express for dinner and it was so funny to see when I walked into the kitchen that Callie, being such a big girl, had got herself some leftover teriyaki chicken & a fork & dug in! She just stood there & ate it like an adult might! When she'd had enough she put the box (and fork) in the fridge & got out the rest of the strawberry milk Jeremiah had let her get at the store & chugged it! It was so funny!

Well happy eating this weekend! I know it will be for me- especially since at my Dr. appt. yesterday I realized that I hadn't gained too much weight at all this past month! :) That's the great thing about being pregnant over the holidays- I can put on my holiday 5 & disguise it very easily! Watch out pie, here I come!

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I love my Callie. She's such a funny girl. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. (or tonight?)

shannon said...

she's such a ham! and i love that she left the fork in the container for later...yummy! i hope you have a great turkey day!

Janelle said...

I can not imagine your disappointment of being pregnant and expecting to eat Cherry Garcia and instead tasting hot wings, I would have cried. Being pregnant during the holidays is a wonderful thing. I love how you took pictures of each step of Callie eating and of the fork in the fridge. You make me laugh. She is so cute.