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Thursday, November 29, 2007


I was a little hyper around dinnertime. Don't know why since we didn't eat till 7!!! Too late for Thanksgiving dinner! So here's my sister Chelsea's acct - it saves me typing:

"Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday. Hillary was drunk on something and didn't make it through the prayer before she started giggling. She was almost as loud as her kids. And then she didn't want the rest of her sweet potatoes, so she plopped them on my plate. I flung them back to hers and decided I'd up the ante by tossing a kernel of corn in her ice water. Apparently that crossed the line. I got mashed potatoes in my ice water in return. Thanksgiving around here isn't a sanctimonious affair. "

We had a good time. Here are our best shots!

I forgot to bring an extra Pull-Up & Jack pooped in his. I told Jeremiah to just let him go commando, but apparently he'd got a little poop on Jack's pants when he went to pull them down so they were stinky.

2 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I'm so funny. But not as funny as that picture of Jack's minibuns or him giving Thunder a bite.

shannon said...

awesome highlights! there's always a good time with the watkins!