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Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19

Today I'll start you out with Callie's joke that she made up all by herself! (& no, it's not funny enough to go around the office. Speaking of The Office, last week's episode was SO DANG FUNNY! Don't you think?!)

Callie: What goes hee-haw & has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tails?
Me: What?
Callie: A horsie! (then she giggles uncontrollably)
Me: Wow! That's silly!
Callie: I have a lot of jokes!

After a few more "jokes" like that I tried to teach her the difference between jokes & riddles. Don't you think that's more of a riddle than a joke? Plus Jack goes around demanding "Solve my riddle!" just like the Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge (Dora), so I thought it was appropriate to tell her that the stuff she was coming up with would be more in the riddle category.

Jack is SUCH a goofball! For one, he does this Stevie Wonder bit a lot while we're eating. He'll squeeze is eyes shut tight & start moving his head around. And he's not doing it for attention - he does it & doesn't even realize that we're looking at him thinking "what are you?"! He does hilarious facial expressions a lot. Last night he was watching something with my dad & I noticed him making these really dramatic expressions, especially scared & surprised faces (it was a show about avalanches & volcanic activity). Again what's so funny is that it's not like he's doing it because he's trying to make us laugh or has any idea that we're even watching him - he's just an expressive little guy! I went to get my camera to try to capture some of his faces, but was unsuccessful since I'd forgotten to charge my battery when the camera had died the day before!

Here's some pictures I did get though! These are at the park a couple of Saturdays ago. Doesn't Callie look so tall & skinny in this picture? She really is! She's looking so grown up!

So last week for mutual I was in charge of a big Thanksgiving Feast for the combined (boy/girl) activity. So my 2 counselors & my secretary & I made dinner for 40 people! It was crazy! Not only was I at the church twice during the day to set up & put turkeys in the ovens (don't tell anyone that we cooked at the church!), I was also there from 5-9, and when I got home I put everything away so it was about 9:30 before I finally sat down. I was beat! Here are the little turkey favors we made for the dinner:

I thought they turned out pretty cute! We ended up having too many desserts so I brought home a few pieces of a Sam's Club pumpkin pie. I've only decided that I like pumpkin pie in the last couple of years & I was a little leery about a store bought pie, but let me say this was good! For $5.86 I'd rather buy it than make one this year! Callie & Jack have been talking about how much they love pumpkin pie & about making a pumpkin pie since the beginning of October when we read a Dora book about finding a pumpkin for Abuela to make pumpkin pie with! I'd been wanting to bake one for them so they could try it & see if they really liked it but just hadn't been able to justify it because it seems like lately we've had nonstop desserts & treats around for one thing or another. So it was perfect that I was able to bring some home & we had it for breakfast & I even squirted Reddi-whip into their mouths! I know! What kind of mother am I?! Oh, & they still love pumpkin pie, even after actually eating some!

On Friday we had a ward party. I'd signed up for a dessert so I decided to make this awesome looking cake I saw in a Paula Dean holiday baking magazine. Not only did it look great, but it tasted great too. I think I was the belle of the ball! :) The cake got lots of compliments & I don't mind saying that because it's not like it was my recipe! So it was 3 layers of white chocolate cake with strawberry preserves between the layers, white chocolate buttercream frosting, & shaved white chocolate on top. I'm not a lover of white chocolate, but this wasn't very white-chocolatey at all. Let me type white chocolate a few more times!

Here's our Arizona fall! It's been nearly 80 degrees out for the past week & a half! The bad thing is that Callie's gotten too tall for most of her short sleeved shirts but I'm not gonna go buy her any more when the weather could change any day! So I'm having a hard time dressing her lately. Anyway, the kids LOVE jumping in the leaves & throwing huge armfuls around!

And now I must go to bed! Hopefully I've stayed up late enough & am tired enough that when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night it won't take me an HOUR to get back to sleep! I'm getting a little sick of this! It's only been the last week or so that it's been an issue & I don't think it'll be a problem for the rest of my pregnancy, but it's a problem right now & it's so dang frustrating!!!

4 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

She is looking tall and skinny. And are you not allowed to cook at the church? Is that a new rule?

shannon said...

how funny you cooked at the church...our ward is nazi's about that and i hate it! and i ALWAYS squirt redi whip into collin's mouth when we have it...so we must be bad mom's together! and she is looking super tall and skinny!

Dansie Family said...

i love that cake. of course you were the hit of the party. the cake plate is fun too. where is it from?

hillary said...

The cake plate is from KMart (Martha Stewart). I had just bought it so they may still have some (it was marked down).