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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

wash your microfiber couch

After tearing apart the couch Tuesday so that it was light enough for preggo to lift it up for Jack to look under (for the lizard) & clear out the toy store that had collected under there, I was inspired to finally clean my cushions. They were long overdue.

I just wanted to share with any of you who have microfiber couches & may not know this that you can unzip your cushion covers & wash them in the washing machine! A few years ago after getting tired of scrubbing my couch only to end up with water spots after all was said & dried, I was frustrated and wondered if I could just wash the cushion covers. I started with the throw pillows that came with the couch as a test since I didn't really care if something happened to them (like shrinkage). After a successful test I just went for it with the other ones. The results were amazing. It was a total pain in the A to get the chaise cover back on, but it was worth it! It was like I had a new couch!

That being said, definitely test a throw pillow before you ruin your whole couch! I don't want you blaming me if you wash your cushions & it doesn't work out & you have to replace your couch.

Like the time I told Wendy she could adjust the depth of her Kitchenaid paddle. I never told her to turn her Kitchenaid upside down to do it but she did & oil started leaking out all over and she had to pay to get it repaired. I think she blamed me for the bright idea. :)

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