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Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Camping

After Jack's soccer game on Saturday morning, we headed to Williams, AZ to spend the rest of our Labor Day weekend breathing in pine-scented air. It was SO nice to get away even if just for a couple nights. As we were leaving town my parents decided to go with us so they loaded up their trailer & were a couple of hours behind us. Labor Day activities included:

Fishing = Jeremiah, Me, Callie, Jack, Ellie, Grandpa. Jeremiah's not a super patient guy so I was amazed at his patience with the kids. Over & over: "Jack, stop throwing rocks into the water. Ellie, get back from the water. Callie, be careful with your pole." All said in mostly patient tones. :) Two big thumbs-up hon! Especially since he's taken them by himself a few times other times too.

Rhino Rides = Jeremiah, Me, Callie, Jack, Ellie, Grandpa. Not all at the same time though. To & from the lake & around the woods just for fun.

Nature Hike = Jeremiah, Callie, Jack, Ellie. While I took a glorious nap! Jeremiah's great about pointing out stuff to the kids & they love to get hands-on with nature.

Eating = All. Even though this time we totally kept it simple, we had really good steak & baked microwaved potatoes for dinner one night, and grilled chicken, cheese bread & salads the next night. My mom made a big batch of chocolate/butterscotch rice krispie treats & we ate them all. I think I ate 3 s'mores the first night & Jack had a hundred marshmallows + a s'more.

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