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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1st Grade Scrapbooks

I enjoy reading Becky Higgins' blog & last year I saw this scrapbook project that she did with her sons's class. It was too late in the year then to do it with Callie's kindergarten class, so at the beginning of this school year I approached her teacher with the idea. Her teacher loved the idea! I'm totally excited to be doing this project with Callie's first grade class!

Following Becky's lead, each month we'll focus on a certain theme. I'll go in one day & take pictures of the kids. Then another day during the month I'll go back in & help the kids do a scrapbook page with their picture/s.

Because I didn't get the ball rolling before school started, and because August was a shorter school month I'm trying to play catch up. I haven't gone in yet to put pages together, but I've gone in a few times to take pictures (once for each theme + twice for retakes of some kids that were missing on the original picture days).

We couldn't do a first day of school picture since I didn't set this up in time, so we're doing a beginning of the school year theme for August.

And for September we're doing a lunchtime/cafeteria theme.

It's fun going into Callie's classroom where I have practically celebrity status! LOL The kids are very excited about the project & they're all ready to get to the scrapbooking part. And btw, when I say scrapbooking I'm not talking your traditional tons of paper & embellies scrapbooking. It's a very simple format where most months they'll glue a couple strips of precut paper to a designated spot on their page & they get to complete the pages with writing prompts. Some months they'll even draw a picture of something in particular. Check it out! Becky Higgins is brilliant! :)

2 talk to me:

L Murray said...

I love this idea!! Good luck with keeping it going. That is quite the project to do. I totally love it!

Janelle Day said...

Wow that sounds awesome. Even though you may not of thought of the idea you are still a master of creativity. I would have seen that and said too much work and went on, but not you. You are amazing! You have celebrity status in my mind too :)