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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lizard is lost in house & Ellie burned the couch

That's the text I sent Jeremiah this morning when he didn't answer my call.

He called back 30 seconds later.

I was exercising (how irresponsible of me to assume that I could do something like that & let the kids play around the house). Jack came in saying something about a cup & the lizard (oh yeah, we got a "pet" lizard a few weeks ago) & Daddy's big chair. I hopped off the eliptical to investigate.

The lid & the light were both on top of the lizard tank as they should be, but Jack said that Ellie had put the lizard in the cup. But then again the reason he was in the bathroom when the lizard went rogue was because he was washing his hands since he didn't want to get sick from touching the lizard. I also heard something about it tickling Ellie's shoulder & wriggling down her neck & running under Jeremiah's chair.

We started a futile search for the lizard. I noticed a burning smell but nothing was smoking, nothing had flames, and I couldn't see what could be burning. As I went to the couch to remove the chaise so we could search under the couch for our friend Jack (Jack named the lizard), I saw the source of the burn smell.

Ellie (says Jack) put the light that goes over the lizard cage on the chaise & it burned the couch! I almost wish it had burned a hole - I would of course have to run to Costco right away & buy the sectional that would fit just perfectly in our living room! But no, instead my cushion has a big orange burn spot! Use it up, make do, all that stuff. Right?

It's 6:30pm. The lizard was never found. Goodbye Jack (the lizard).

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