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Monday, September 27, 2010

Potty-training Success!

Ellie is totally potty trained now (day & night) and it's awesome! I'm so proud of her! It was like we flipped a switch & one day she just decided she could be potty trained. I'm a big believer that kids will potty train when they're ready (Ellie's 2 1/2).

I tried with Callie when she was 18 mos because she showed a couple signs & I was really excited about the cute Princess Pull-ups :) It didn't work out & after a month or 2 of spending lots of money on Pull-ups (which IMO are the same as a diaper to a kid - just more convenient for the parent) I went back to diapers. I tried again when she was just a little over 2 & she got it right away. That sort of made me feel like parents can only push it so much, but the child has to be ready or it won't happen. Besides, everything I've read (from professional opinions, not overzealous mothers) says that their bodies are not physically ready to be potty trained that early (18 mos). My SIL's little girl has recently seen a urologist & the urologist said that a good age now is closer to 3 (and of course boys are normally a little later). Anyway, there are a ton of potty training philosophies - that's just mine.

To celebrate Ellie's success we had a big girl party for her for Family Night last week. We've had a party for the other 2 also with cake & party plates. I also give them a little toy as a reward. I think I chose for Callie & Jack, but I let Ellie pick one out on her own. Polly Pocket. :) She requested chocolate cupcakes & we ate on Tinkerbelle plates. :) My mom & dad also came for the party & brought her a little present too - a set of little Tinkerbelle figurines.

Good work Ellie!

2 talk to me:

Brit and Summer said...

Whoo hoo Ellie!!! You are such a big girl now! That is such an awesome feeling as a parent!

Janelle Day said...

Man I am going to have to ignore you too. My cousin just had a post about her 2 year old that is potty trained. Wanna come and potty train Maddie? I think she might be in diapers until she is 16 and the crazy thing is I am really not sure if she would even mind :( Anyway really that is so awesome. I guess we can still be friends.