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Monday, September 22, 2008

Pool Day

Corvallis (OR) had the coolest city pool! I was seriously amazed! I know some of my friends have really cool public pools too, but I've never been to one so I was extremely impressed. The "leisure pool" as they call it since they also had indoor pools had water tumble buckets, arch jet water spray, water cannons, floor geyers, a lazy river, kids slide, large water slide, and beach entry. Oh, plus a play structure in the water. We had a great time at the pool! Jack who is our little chicken wanted to go on the big water slide! I took him down several times! After the 4th or 5th time I told him to hold his nose at the end & he freaked out because that meant I wasn't going to try so hard to keep him above water at the end. Since he freaked I didn't make him but he was still rattled. Then he had a melt-down when I told Callie I'd take her since she hadn't had a turn with me yet (just w/Uncle Travis & Nana). So when it was his turn to go with me again (and he wouldn't go w/anyone else) he freaked when we got to the top & cried that he wanted his mom! People are going to think I kidnapped him! We walked back down the stairs & he was in a terrible mood after that until we left! He's such an emotional boy!

My b-i-l Travis & my niece Sophie!

Ellie's sitting in one of the tumbling water buckets.

My little mermaid. She LOVES the water & is pretty much teaching herself to swim in our hottub at home!

The next few are just to show the awesomeness of the pool!

After the meltdown over the water slide!

My poor sweet little boy! He just has the most tender heart ever! I love him so much!

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shannon said...

yeah, that pool is awesome! how fun for you guys...and cute photo of jack crying!