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Monday, September 22, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

Yay: The guy at skycap was awesome & didn't charge us for our 3 carseats, even though we'd been told on the phone we'd be charged since we were already maxed out on luggage. Mr. Skycap got a great tip!

Boo: Waiting in the airport with 3 young children!

Yay: Finding two rows together on the flight. Also Ellie fell asleep on Jeremiah about 20 mins into the 2 hour flight & slept the whole time. Callie also was stoked to tell the stewardess she wanted a Sprite! :)

Boo: 2 SmarteCartes piled high with 8 pieces of luggage, 3 carseats, 2 carry-ons, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Boo: Going to pick up our rental van only to find out it's off-freaking-airport! Who would even want to book something off-airport?! Since I booked through the airline's website with my airport code & nothing mentioned it being off-airport, imagine my surprise when I found out it was! I hate you Thrifty! Like we're taking a shuttle with all of our crap to get our car!

Yay: Chelsea. And Tara. And Enterprise. My sisters were super helpful in helping me sort out my rental fiasco & since Enterprise was on-airport Chels found a better rate than we'd paid anyway and Enterprise gave it to me, even though walk-ups are generally more expensive! Plus the Enterprise staff was so awesome! They were ridiculously friendly & the agent that I booked through went with me back to where Jer was waiting with our mountain of luggage & pushed one of the SmarteCarte's so I could corral the kids & get to the rental. So, so nice! I think I'm going to send Enterprise an email.

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