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Monday, September 22, 2008

Oregon Vacay

So my blogging absence was due to the fact that we were visiting Jeremiah's parents in Oregon (plus they didn't have internet until the day before we came back home!). We went for a week and a half because Jeremiah was hunting elk with his dad. Unfortunately for him the weather was unseasonably warm until, again, the day before we came back home, so the elk just weren't rutting (look at me and my hunting terms!). In case you need a resting point, I'll break our trip (and house results) into a few posts! :) We had a good time visiting & got to do several fun things, besides just spending time with family! I was so glad that Jeremiah's sister & fam could spend part of our time there too since we don't get to see them very often!

Jackson, Callie, & my niece Sophie Beethovening it up!

Jeremiah & his dad getting home from a long day of hunting.

We shopped at some great outlets in Woodburn, OR. Have I mentioned I like shopping?! Ellie was a perfect companion!

So remember that I've mentioned that ever since his dad taught him to pee outside Jack can't hardly keep his pants on in our backyard? So Jack here's in time out at the park for stripping down and peeing in the sand!!! I can assure you that we had talked to him many times before (and since) about not peeing in public places! I was mortified!!!

Jack & Nana playing with the water table at the Portland Children's Museum.

At the Oregon Coast Aquarium (a great aquarium btw).

Jack likes to give fish kisses & a few weeks ago started wanting turtle kisses? Yeah, I don't know why. When he requested it I gave the best turtle kiss I could. So most nights when we give the kids hugs & kisses goodnight he wants a turtle kiss from me. Of course I had to give the turtle a turtle kiss! Jeremiah actually was trying to get Jack to but Jack wouldn't!

Not the best pic of us, but a family picture just the same!

3 talk to me:

Alison said...

I love the Beethoving it up pic! Cute family pics!

shannon said...

loved the pics, glad you had a good vacation...portland is gorgeous!

Janelle said...

What a cool aquarium. I had to reread that because I didn't realize he had peed at the park. Hope you can laugh about it now because that is hilarious. I know what you mean though about how mortified you must have been.