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Monday, September 22, 2008

New House!

After 7 days of waiting we found out the bank (the seller) accepted our offer! We're sooooo excited! The bank has moved SO slowly though so they only got the documents back to our realtor late Friday afternoon (another 7 days after they accepted the offer)! So today we signed back their addendum & they have to sign back a final thing. And in the paperwork we signed today the bank actually said something like "it could take us 5 days to get this back to you - please don't call every day to check the status!" Seriously! So we're set to close Oct. 28th & hopefully once the bank gets back this next part to us things will move at a normal pace so we can close on time. Our realtor won't be able to find out any solid info till after we close, but she's heard there were at least 5 offers so we feel extremely blessed to have got it! Anyway, since I know you're all curious here are some pictures. These are the pictures that were on the listing. I don't think any of them are too impressive (not that I'm trying to impress you), but I just wanted to give you an idea of what so many of the houses around here are like. The house looks better irl except for all the tile and the kitchen countertop (oh, & the fireplace is probably worse irl, if that's possible!). In the pictures the tile looks gray or brown, but irl it's a terrible blue! And the countertop is an even worse blue w/white speckles in it, which is a shame since it's an upgraded Corian countertop! The bathrooms (not pictured) continute the blue theme - cultured marble (white w/blue marbling)! It's pretty bad! We plan on replacing the tile flooring immediately, and in the near future the kitchen countertop. We also have to buy ceiling fans & lights and shower heads since the previous owners took them all. And also window coverings. Those are all top priority! It's like moving into a new home except that in a new home lights are included! Oh, and we have to buy appliances - at least a fridge! So yeah, it's gonna be a cash cow in the beginning. It's also unlandscaped in the back which is a bummer when you're already spending all your cash on the must-haves because my kids LOVE to play in the backyard & I'm not going to be real thrilled about them coming in & out all day when they're all dirty! But anyway, that's our house! Yay!

5 talk to me:

Rupp Family said...

Wow I love it! Can't wait to see it. It looks very nice and spacious!

shannon said...

OH MY GOSH, IT's AMAZING! i cannot wait to see it in person. you guys are so lucky!

Janelle said...

It looks super cute. You shouldn't complain about your counter top, you should see mine. It is literally the old "cougar blue". Brad still wants to paint a big Y on it and he thinks that would be cool and not absurd. Is the house new? Anyway congrats!

Molly Riggs said...

congratulations! its very nice! I would love to just have a backyard, sigh!

Dansie Family said...

super cute!! and its better that you get to pick out your own fixtures. then you get what you want.