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Monday, February 25, 2008


It's been crazy around here for almost the past week! Even as I was posting my last post I was feeling pretty junky. I had a Dr. appt that afternoon & when I got home I just crashed & quickly deteriorated. I was SO sick Wednesday night! Then to add insult to injury, I couldn't hardly sleep because of my pregnancy-induced restless leg syndrome! My legs (and even arms!) have been bothering me at night for the past couple of months, occassionally keeping me awake for a while, but Wednesday night was the absolute worst! I'm sure it was because I was already so sick & achey, but I tossed & turned (and paced) from about 12:30am-5:00am! I just wanted to cry! And then I finally got to sleep just after 5 only to be woken by Jack an hour later (he was sick too)! Jeremiah stayed home on Thursday to take care of the kids & me, and thank goodness because I was a wreck! All day long my legs just killed! At one point the night before I'd checked out RLS on webMD & baby center & baby center suggested taking an iron supplement. I thought it was very interesting that it mentioned iron, because with Callie & Jack I took iron my entire pregnancy, and with Callie & Jack I never had leg problems! Coincidence? I don't think so anymore! After only 2 days of iron my legs felt better! And to think I could have had relief months ago! On Thursday night I took 2 Tylenol PM and between that & the iron, I finally got some sleep. They say btw w/RLS that antihistemines can make it worse (which Tylenol PM is), but as my mom pointed out my legs probably couldn't get any worse so I'm really glad I did it!

Okay, so I started feeling better Thursday night & Jeremiah started getting pretty sick. Plus Jack went to the Dr. on Thursday & turned out to have a respiratory infection & infections in both ears! So Friday Jeremiah was doing poorly from being up with Jack so much during the night. Also I took Jack back to the Dr. where he got a shot of antibiotics (since it's damn-near impossible to get any medicine down that kid's throat!!!). By Friday night Jeremiah was pretty sick! On Saturday afternoon he mustered up enough energy for me to take him to a Dr. & it turned out he had bronchitis, ear infections, a sinus infection, and the flu. Saturday evening he got a fever of 104.3 and I was just freaking right out! A Dr. told us to take him to the ER if after 1000 mg of tylenol & 1/2 an hour his fever hadn't gone down to about 102. After about 45 mins he was close to 102 and I was fortunately able to talk to Jeremiah's Uncle Jim who's a nurse who assured me he'd be okay & not to rush him to the ER since his fever was obviously on its way down. But seriously, it's been so crazy for me since Wednesday! And I've been a crying mess since Thursday between being really sick, not getting much sleep, worrying to death about my poor husband, taking care of sick children, and trying to keep up with dishes & stuff on top of it! Thank goodness my family's here & my mom & dad have been so helpful bringing us food & taking Callie for a while. Callie's sick too but amazingly enough has most of her energy. Poor girl totally has cabin fever & has been driving us crazy! She's high energy & can be difficult when I'm not sick! Fortunately I'm better (basically) now & today was a good day. I had to take Jack back to the Dr. for a second shot of antibiotics, but everyone's on the mend & I've been able to get some sleep so that I can handle everything! Today I took Callie to the park while Jack was napping & it was so good for her to get out & use some of that energy!

So at my appt. last Wednesday I was dilated to a 1 1/2 & 70% effaced. My Dr. said he thought it'd be about another week. So before I was praying that this baby would hurry up & get here, but now I'm praying that she'll wait until Jeremiah & Jack are better. Tonight I had no kidding like 20 contractions in an hour, but I had been making dinner & doing active stuff. As soon as I sat down the contractions mostly stopped. But it's crazy to think that I could go into labor at any time! Jeremiah's definitely improving but he still needs a couple more days to be well enough to handle having a baby! He's hoping she'll come this Friday so that her birthday will be on leap year day, or whatever day you'd call that. I don't care anymore, as long as Jeremiah's feeling better! I did tell him that if I have to have this baby alone I get to name her! (We don't like the same names. I don't know if Jeremiah likes any name!) We won't name her until we have her - not because you can tell at all that a squishy little newborn looks like a so-and-so (at least in our experience), but because we're kind of forced at that point to give the child a name! :) Wish us luck!

4 talk to me:

Evonne said...

Good luck with everything! I feel like we're totally in the same boat with the pregnancies. :) I was sick last week, Beau is sick now. Dialated to a 3 and 50% effaced. Maybe we'll have two babies this week! Hang in there...

shannon said...

oohhhh, i can't wait to see photos of her and hear what you name her!!! i hope it all goes well =)

Jessica said...

Oohh how miserable for you all! I hope everyone gets better quick. The flu has been terrible this year.

La Familia Mata said...

I hope everyone is feeling better. Good luck with the baby! Remember my brother Bart? His wife is due next week. Babies everywhere!