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Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Blues

This baby is giving me the blues. Or maybe it's more like the reds, since I'm grumpy & angry rather than depressed! Poor Jeremiah! Poor Callie & Jack! When I was pregnant with Callie it was pretty much 9 mos. of euphoria. With Jack I don't think I'd say euphoric, but still pleasant. This baby just makes me angry! Fortunately it hasn't been the entire pregnancy - just off & on for the past couple of months starting with mostly good days & a few grumpy. But the last couple of weeks it's mostly all grumpy! And it doesn't help that I'm not sleeping well at all! Hopefully my hormones quickly get back to normal once the baby comes! I have 4 weeks to go but I'm ready any time! :) Jeremiah has even started telling people that he hopes this baby comes soon so he can have his wife back! Me too. I don't like being angry. I have been doing a pretty dang good job of keeping up on the housework & I've made dinner almost every night for the past couple of weeks. Jeremiah has noticed my efforts & commented on the trade-off; before he had a happy wife & a messy home, now he has a clean home & an angry wife. It's a catch-22. He's not sure which one is better/worse. Not that he has a choice right now! :)

So here I am in my hugeness. Actually I don't know that this picture gives a good enough depiction of my actual size since we all know black is a slimming color! :) Oh, I'm helping Callie brush her teeth in this picture (since you're probably wondering what in the world is going on - she's using toothpaste with flouride so I'm holding her hair back while she spits). I just don't have any other pictures of my belly right now. :)

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

i think you look so darn cute. Anger management issues and all. :)

Janelle said...

I love the clean house but angry attitude or messy house and happy wife. I feel that way and I'm not even pregnant. Well you have less than a month WHOOPEEE! You know I hate hormones they just really screw you up. Funny thing is I never realized how much they really control until you are pregnant and everything just goes wrong.

shannon said...

i agree, i think you look fantastic! and your hair looks gorgeous!