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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hamburgers, anyone?

I know this is a silly thing to share, but I get pretty excited about food! I'd been waiting for hamburger to go on sale for weeks! I usually buy about 20 lbs of it when it does & package it in 1-lb increments so that I have a good meal-ready supply in my freezer, & I'd been down to a pound for far too long! My mom started packaging her hamburger like this (see below) & I think it's brilliant! Not only does it stack nicely, but it freezes quickly & defrosts quickly as well. Just put a pound in a pint-sized ziplock & smash it flat. I also had been waiting for chicken to go on sale but due to some issues with the normal frozen brand I buy I opted for fresh this time. I hate re-packaging chicken and I usually do one breast per sandwich bag, but it gets all folded up on itself & can sometimes be a pain to defrost. So this time I laid all the chicken out on cookie sheets & froze it & then put it in gallon-sized ziplocks so it's almost like buying it frozen. The nice thing about the frozen stuff is that it's all about the same size & it's fairly flat.

So what are good prices you ask? I paid $1.79/lb for 85/15 hamburger. I usually like to get 93/7 when I can find it on sale for $1.99/lb, but like I said, I'd already been waiting for a while & who knows when 93/7 will go on sale. To give you a comparison idea, at Sam's club the regular price for 90/10 is like $2.39/lb, and 80/20 is about $2.09/lb. And if you just went to WalMart & bought it for normal price, I think something like 90/10 is over $3/lb. And as for chicken, at Sam's a big bag of frozen chicken is about $2.40/lb. I paid $1.89/lb. And there have been tons of times that I've paid $1.49/lb for both hamburger & chicken (pre-frozen chicken even, but like I said I've had some issues w/the brand I buy). So there's all you never cared to know about buying chicken & hamburger!

5 talk to me:

Molly Riggs said...

this made me smile, because I do the same thing!

Janelle said...

That is a good idea about freezing the chicken before you put it in the bag. Our meat is on sale for $1.79, but I swear that a few weeks ago that sale applied to the 93% lean and not the 85% lean. They always try to pull fast ones on us. I hate how the prices keep going up and up, and Brad wonders why I can't stay under budget

shannon said...

you are too funny, i've never really thought about it, mostly because i don't have the freezer space, but now that i am aware, i might just try it!

Dansie Family said...

that is how i freeze my cookie dough (i make a triple batch at a time, you never want to be without cookie dough when the craving comes) and chicken stock. i haven't tried it with hamburger, but now i will. thanks.

i have been waiting for the chicken to be on sale for 1.25 per pound. last year they sold the frozen chicken tenderloins (i like breasts better but when it is that cheap) in 20# boxes, all individually frozen. but i haven't seen them this year. if ever it goes that cheap again i am going to stock up and can a bunch of it as well as keep my freezer well stocked.

Wendy said...


That pic of the raw meat made me gag! And, I like a rare burger! I think the raw meat is TMI for your blog! (Too much Info!) Aren't you glad that ANYONE can comment :)