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Monday, February 11, 2008

Like, whoa

I've realized for quite a while that kids absorb everything & that you have to be careful what you say/do in front of them. So I shouldn't be surprised that Callie has now adapted my poor vernacular. She has totally picked up the word like! She was telling me how "Jack was like bawling." And she'll start off a sentence with like. And she peppers her conversation with the word now. And then the other day too she said, "I'm so stoked that I get to play with Corinne today."

I'm so glad that now my 3 year old talks like a valley-girl too (as my sisters say I do). I don't mean to do it, but like's a hard habit to kick!

And now a less comical observation concerning my sponge daughter:
As a parent I make great efforts to shield her from seeing inappropriate content on tv & then some dumb babysitter ruins it. Somebody has let my child watch kissing scenes & now she is moving her head back & forth to kiss. I know she didn't get that from Jeremiah & I since we don't make out in front of our children! And I wouldn't let her watch something like that on tv & neither would Jeremiah, although I have had to nag him to change the channel at other times because of violence or inappropriate cartoons. (Some people can't understand why I feel like Spongebob is inappropriate, but come on! 3 year olds don't need to watch cartoons like Spongebob when there are nice, age-appropriate & educational cartoons for them to watch (when they watch them).) So it really angers me that somebody has been careless with my precious child in exposing her to scenes of passionate kissing. She's named this babysitter - a relative no less! Of course a 3 year old doesn't always give iron-clad information, so the babysitter shall remain unnamed in case she ratted out the wrong one, but it's likely that she got it right. Ugh!

5 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

i'm guessing I know which babysitter - maybe if you don't pay attention to her making those motions she'll knock it off.

Janelle said...

Those eyes are like beautiful. She is such a cutie. It really is amazing and scary how much they pick up. You know I know they are only 3, but I am already stressing out about the teenage years. Maybe the millennium will come before then.

shannon said...

she's so cute, and i agree, those eyes are to die for! and sucks that sometimes all your hard work gets screwed up in the process...but maybe chelsea is right, ignoring can be a powerful tool - i just might try that!

La Familia Mata said...

She is gorgeous! I think the Valley Girl talk is endearing. Hope you are feeling good. Hang in there!

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I am with you on Spongebob! Just not a fan