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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All about me!

It's been a LONG time (years!) since I've completed one of these so I'll humor you all!

Where were you born? Phoenix, AZ
Middle name: Jeanne
How old will you be this year? I turned 28 almost a month ago
When is your birthday? Jan 26
Nicknames: Hill
Are you taller than your mother or father? Just my mom, but not by a lot
Do you cry often during movies? Not cry so much as get choked up (maybe letting a tear or 2 escape). It's definitely due to all the hormones you unlock when you become pregnant & then a mother. Even when the pregnancy's over the hormone sticks around! I got all choked up while my kids were watching The Land Before Time when the dinosaurs made it to the Great Valley! And I was in the kitchen just listening!
What is your biggest pet peeve? Hard to say - a lot of things annoy me!
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite foods: Chicken Fetuccini Alfredo, El Palacio's Chicken & Cheese Flautas
Favorite beverage: Dr. Pepper! I'm ready to be hooked up to a DP IV! I don't normally drink much soda at all, but I've been quite addicted the last 7-8 months!
Favorite cold cereal: it changes a lot, from sugary kids stuff to more grown up stuff & then back again. but really I don't eat much cereal these days.
Favorite smells: Midnight Pomegranite Wallflower from B&B Works
Favorite time of day: 6:00 - Jeremiah gets home
Favorite make-up products? MAC Studio Fix, Clinique lipgloss
What is your favorite article of clothing? currently a pair of Gap pj bottoms
Favorite clothing brand? Gap - comfy & classic
How many pillows do you sleep with? normally 1, but lately 3 - one between the knees & one under an arm
Do you play an instrument? not really - I can plunk out stuff on the piano
Have you ever been skinny dipping? why yes
Did you do any sports in high school? nope, although some people would consider the pom squad a sport - I did letter in it after all! :p
What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Jumper, because we were too late for Fool's Gold. It was entertaining, but maybe not $18 entertaining (did I mention that our movie theater went out of business? the one that had new movies for $4.50?! so now we have to drive to Laughlin & pay $9/movie!)
What is your dream vacation? Probably anywhere with Jeremiah. I haven't done hardly any traveling so I'd like to go lots of places. We almost used Amex points to go to a Sandals resort, but we had to postpone it. Jeremiah thought anyway that we should just wait till this baby is older. Yeah right, who wants to babysit 3 kids?!
What was your first impression of your spouse? I thought he looked okay & he seemed pretty cool. I don't feel too bad about saying that I only thought he was okay because the first time he saw me he was across the apt complex without his contacts or glasses on (he's legally blind without them!) & he saw me walking by in this blurry blob & thought I was chubby & not that cute! How could he even make that type of judgement call?!
If you were an animal what would you be? ???
What is your favorite "me-time" activity? scrapbooking, computer time, reading, shopping alone
Favorite tv shows? Survivor, Amazing Race, House Hunters, Lost
Favorite candy/treat? There are SO many I love! Rocky Road ice cream, fruit w/fruit dip, frosted brownies (Betty Crocker has an awesome mix!), & mini Snickers to get you started.
Favorite flower? tulips & gerbera daisies
Favorite restaurant? Macaroni Grill maybe? I like eating at lots of places!
What is your dream car? Don't have one - I love my car now (Ford Expedition)
What is one of your weaknesses? sugar & overeating (esp. overeating sugar!)
What do you fix for dinner when there's nothing to fix? (928) 681-4800. Or goulash is usually something I have the stuff on hand for.
If you could ive in a different decade/era which one would it be? 50's - for the poodle skirts & dancing
What is the emotion you feel the most? lately? irritation!
Do you consider yourself outgoing? generally
What is something you are constantly working on? housekeeping & weight. well not the weight so much right now
Any hidden talents? ???
What is a word or phrase you overuse? like!
What did you do last night? watched tv, shopped online
Any new & exciting news to share? Maybe this afternoon! I have a Dr. appt. & I'm hoping I've started to dilate - that would make me feel a little better about being closer to D-day even though I realize it doesn't necessarily mean anything if I haven't started to dilate
How many years at your current job? 3 1/2 (motherhood)
What are you afraid of? Jeremiah or my children being killed
What is one thing you hope to accomplish this year? maybe we'll start building our house sometime this century!
The best piece of advice you've recently heard? We had an awesome YW lesson on Sunday so I'm just gonna copy & paste the part that really hit me. It's about trying to figure out decisions & getting answers to prayers (which so many of us have struggled with so many times):

"Because he [Heavenly Father] knows we need the growth, he generally does not point and say, ‘Open that door and go twelve yards in that direction; then turn right and go two miles …’. But if it is wrong, he will let us know—we will feel it for sure. I am positive of that. So rather than saying, ‘I will not move until I have this burning in my heart,’ let us turn it around and say, ‘I will move unless I feel it is wrong; and if it is wrong, then I will not do it.’ By eliminating all of these wrong courses, very quickly you will find yourself going in the direction that you ought to be going, and then you can receive the assurance: ‘Yes, I am going in the right direction. I am doing what my Father in Heaven wants me to do because I am not doing the things he does not want me to do.’ And you can know that for sure. That is part of the growth process and part of accomplishing what our Father in Heaven has in mind for us” (“What Is Your Mission?” in Speeches of the Year, 1979 [Provo: Brigham Young University Press, 1980], pp. 97–98).

6 talk to me:

La Familia Mata said...

Thanks for doing the survey. It was fun to read about you. Thanks for the quote at the end, too. I needed to hear it.

Jessica said...

Cute survey. I like the advice!

Janelle said...

That quote is so true. I know that he has helped me to stop when I made some pretty crappy decisions. Lets just say I am glad I married the second man and not the first. I can't believe that the theater only charged $4.50. Why wasn't everyone in town going, how did it close down, bummer.

Chelsea said...

k, so I totally love midnight pomegranate. I think we talked about this. I have the perfume. I will say, though, my fave wallflower so far is the Mint Chocolate chip ice cream scent. it's in my bedroom and every 15 min or so i get a fresh waft of it and it smells sooo good.

I also have the hazelnut cappacino torte one in my front room and it's delicious, too. I didn't see the midnight pomegranate one, but wish i had. one i would NOT recommend: Coconut Lime verbena - gag. I wish i could return it.

Chelsea said...

also, Papa Johns was closed when I called.

Dansie Family said...

i am with you on the tv shows, except house hunters. we dont have cable.