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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Party

My friends Cambrea Corbett & Kayla Nichols hosted a fun Easter get-together with lots of friends up in the Hualapais over the weekend. Cambrea & Kayla went up early in the day to reserve our rec area & hide all the eggs for the kids- and there were a ton! Of eggs. And kids.

Once all the families were there, Cambrea & Kayla gathered up the kids for the big hunt. They lined them up & then let the youngest kids go first, with two groups of older kids following.

All the moms were doing this: (this mom is Miyeko Kelsey)

Jeremiah got to do this: (I helped Ellie)

Ellie had a great time looking for eggs!

Callie & Jack both got too many. We made them put some back & give some to younger kids.

After the big hunt we had a great time eating hot dogs & sides & hanging out together. Thanks Cambrea & Kayla for organizing such a fun evening for all of our families!

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