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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wunca Kenny

I love this picture of my brother Kenny (wunca Kenny cause that's what the other kids used to say & it stuck) with Adelyn. It's so weird that I had a baby while my brothers were gone. I'm sure it's strange for them too. Not that tons of people don't have babies and their family lives far away & don't get to see the baby for a while. But my brothers lived here before & have been a big part of my kids' lives, so that's what was different. I was good about sending them pictures & stories of the kids while they were gone, but it's a lot different seeing how kids have grown in real life than it is to see them in pictures. I'm glad they're home. For now. I mean I'm glad they're home for the time that they're home until they leave to go do bigger & better things :) Like get married & have their own adorable kids (who will probably never be as adorable as mine I'm sure)!

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