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Monday, April 25, 2011

Return{ed} with Honor

I am shamelessly stealing this post right off my sister's blog!

{Chelsea} My two brothers are the youngest in the family. Both are strong, diligent, and faithful members of the Church and chose to serve missions two years ago. By some crazy luck/coincidence, they both left on April 15th, 2009, and both served in Mexico {in different missions}. This week they returned with honor; one on Wednesday, one on Thursday.

Unfortunately, my sister Kayleigh and I Chelsea were running SO late we they had to RUN through the airport to make sure we they were there to see Stuart get in on Wednesday so I Chelsea didn't have my her camera. Luckily, we had a do-over the next day and I Chelsea got pictures and even had time to make some signs for Ken. We had signs for Stu but I Chelsea didn't get any pictures of them. (But Tara did!) Here are some great pictures of their arrivals - one at lunch with everyone and one at the airport. Stu picked Chili's for lunch. {/Chelsea}

Okay, that's funny b/c I thought we'd be the last ones to the airport & that we'd miss Stu walking through his gate because we'd left late & then had to take the long way to Vegas because of damn dam construction. And then, as if I wasn't stressed enough about getting there, I got a big fat ticket in Boulder for going 65 on the way up the hill before you get to the first stop light. The speed limit is 45 and it's a major highway! WTC?! I hate you Boulder! But we STILL beat Chelsea & Kayleigh there. Who'd stayed the previous night in Vegas! And don't have kids to get ready! But we all made it there and still had a little bit of a wait before Stuart came.

{Tara's pictures}

Waiting for the excitement to start.


Thing 1 & Thing 3

Stuart's arrival!

{Now back to Chelsea's post - captions included :)}

Stu picked Chili's for lunch

Ellie was exhausted from all the excitement an hour earlier.

{Stuart is so handsome, isn't he?!}

Thursday was Kenny's arrival

{Callie is crazy-pants}

{Hillary} This is a funny picture because my self-portraits have pretty much become a joke! I took lots in Hawaii & on the last couple of days I thought I should have taken more the whole time so I could do a whole funny book about me in Hawaii. haha {/Hillary}

Here he is! {With practically a frame-by-frame walkthrough! lol}

Two brothers after two years!

Aunt Kayleigh laughed at Jack and he cried. Boo Aunt Kayleigh.{hehe}

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