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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

April Fool's!

It wasn't until after the kids were in bed on the 31st that I was browsing Family Fun and saw some cute lunch ideas for April Fool's. That I hadn't been looking for. But they were really fun so I stayed up way too late working on Callie's trick lunch, and I was so excited for her to open her lunch box at school the next day! I gave her a normal sandwich & some mandarin oranges, but then I swapped the contents of her Gold Fish & fruit snack packages & I stuffed her Juicy Juice into a Yoo-hoo drink box. Which was especially funny since she doesn't really like Yoo-hoo! I also gave her a note that said she'd been pranked by the baby, and a word search with no solutions (both from Family Fun)! I loved it! And so did she! Funny thing is when we were talking about it after school she told me that instead of just sticking her straw into the Yoo-hoo and finding out she was drinking Juicy Juice instead, she noticed the bottom was a little funny (because the flaps didn't stay down all the way. Oops! I didn't glue it b/c I thought there was no way she'd notice it! I should have glued it!). She and her friend Emily worked really really hard to get the Juicy Juice back out of the Yoo-hoo box! LOL! I can't believe they were even able to do it!

It wasn't until I pulled back into my driveway in the morning that I noticed my star missing from it's usual place in our porch entry. I thought it was so awesome that I wasn't the only one who'd realized & taken advantage of April Fool's Day this year! Then I thought about who might have been so funny and plus who might have had an ugly sun with a coyote in the middle (haha!) on their house. I texted my friend Kate and asked, "Do you have my star on your house?" Yes she did! I knew it! PS they're renting and the coyote-sun was already on the house so I can say out loud that it's ugly. Bahahaha! I waited a few days before swapping back. And then I thought I was funny too because I backed up really close to their house so I could stand on my bumper & get my star, and then I put the coyote-sun upside down when I replaced it. :p Let me just mention how else Kate was funny (and Abby since they were partners in crime). They put a wishing well thing from her yard in someone else's yard, and they also put a little pond from her front yard in another person's front yard. With water in it! LOL

2 talk to me:

Heidi said...

Very cute idea!

Janelle Day said...

So funny. One day you will inspire me enough to do something fun like this.