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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Jeremiah's 1st Elk!

We've lived here for 6 years now & Jeremiah finally got drawn for bull elk! Not only did he get drawn, but for a great area too - one of the best in the world (for trophy elk). He & his dad left on Thanksgiving night with the trailer to do a couple days of hunting. On Saturday night they came back after having no success. They left again Sunday night so they'd be able to be up bright & early Monday morning. There was lots of excitement here when Jeremiah called me mid-morning on Monday. I asked how it was going. He said pretty good- did you get my picture?! I was sooo happy for Jeremiah! Jack was whooping & hollering - so excited for his Dad! :) It took hours for Jeremiah & his Dad to haul the elk back to the truck/trailer & they didn't get home until about 7 (they were a couple hours away). The thing is massive (respectable in elk terms but massive in everyday animal terms), and we will be having a freezer dinner week for sure (when we get back from CA) to make room for all the new elk meat that we'll get back from the butcher! Congrats Jeremiah!

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

Congrats to Jer! {But that head is missing a body - sick!}

The Wilkins' said...

Can't wait to see it mounted on your wall! :)

Janelle Day said...

I can't believe the kids weren't crying after seeing the dead animal:) I do did not come from a hunting family.