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Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky Halloween Dinner

Our great friends, The Haws, have a tradition to have a spooky Halloween dinner every year. Usually it's just them but this year since we've reached the "like family" status they invited us to join them! :) Summer knocked herself out preparing a fun and totally spooky meal. I feel bad that my only contribution was witches' fingers!

On the menu:

Frankenstein's brain with veggies &...

rat dip

creepy crawlers

witches' fingers

And not pictured is bats! Summer roasted some bats game hens & used black food coloring in the butter to get a nice gross bat color. She even used toothpicks to prop out the wings. They looked just like bats. Of course I would know - I've roasted tons.

The table. There were even fun straw cups with worms on the side for the kids.

Part of their tradition is wearing Halloween hats during the dinner. We almost cancelled because of this! jk

Jeremiah tried on a couple options (this one is from Jack's devil costume)...

And decided on this.

The kids LOVED the creepy food. Sadly I haven't been doing this with my kids, although before they came along Jeremiah & I had a few Halloween themed meals. I'm going to have to start making it a tradition in our family too. Thanks so much Brit & Summer for including us this year in your family Halloween dinner. You guys are the best!

1 talk to me:

Janelle Day said...

I love how you get so into Halloween. Seriously of all my friends I think that I would love to live next door to you because I think you have a lot of fun with life and I would love to have a little bit more fun. Not to mention I could use the decorating help too :) But then again maybe living next to you would make me look like a lame mom, so I guess I better stay here in Logan :)