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Monday, October 25, 2010

Jonny got married!

This weekend we went to Utah to see Jonny (Jeremiah's youngest bro) & Ann get married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It was a quick weekend but so good! We got to our hotel in Sandy on Thursday afternoon & had enough time to get settled before Jeremiah went to "Wintervention" in Orem with friends & some of the family. My mom & sister Kayleigh were kind enough to watch our children (my mom/dad were staying in the same hotel & Kayleigh lives up there) while Jeremiah's mom, Grandma Divis, & I went to Ann's bridal shower, where we got to meet her awesome family!

Friday's activities included:

Bowling = Jeremiah, Justin (Jer's bro), Jonny, Ann's brothers/bils. They needed some guy time since some of the guys had been watching kids the last few days.
Shopping = Hillary, Jamie, kids. Nordstrom Rack to look for cardies for the next day. No luck but ended up with a cute umbrella & some cheap pearls for the kids.
Lunch at Cafe Rio = Our fam, Justin's fam, Jeremiah's dad, Wendy & 2 of her kids. Can you say yum?!
Shopping = Hillary, Wendy & 2 kids. Old Navy. No luck still with the cardi hunt.
Barnyard Boo = Our fam, Justin's fam. Loved it! (it got it's own post since it's the only time I whipped out the camera on our trip)
Incredible Pizza = Our fam, Justin's fam, friend Rich & son, friends Mark/Soph & 2 kids.
Late night table setup for luncheon the next day = Jeremiah & Justin.

Saturday was a foot-killing day for me in my new sassy shoes! We had to be at the temple at 10:30 for the 11:00 sealing, so that meant getting up early enough to get myself & my kids ready (Jer helped but he can't do hair), feed our slow eaters (thank goodness the hotel had the BEST breakfast! I highly recommend staying at Residence Inn!), and drive 30 minutes to the temple. And this was where the rest of the day went:

Temple, 1.25 hours
Pictures at temple, .5 hour
Finish luncheon prep, .75 hour
Luncheon, 1 hour
Clean up luncheon, 2 hours!!!
Break at Wendy's house, .75 hour
Getting lost finding country club, .25 hour
Pictures at country club, .75 hour
Eating myself sick at the reception, 2 hours

The luncheon: I have to give mad props to my mom & my family! My parents & some siblings have gotten to know Jonny really well since he's lived with Jeremiah & I off & on over school breaks for the past couple years & worked for Jeremiah & my dad. He's like family to them now. So of course my parents were invited to the wedding & would go, but my mom is crazy awesome & loves to be a busy beaver working her butt off in the background of stuff like this so she called up Jeremiah's mom a few weeks ago & offered to take over the luncheon food. Jeremiah's mom had planned the menu & my mom shopped for most of the groceries & executed the lunch. We had ham, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, parisian salad & homemade rolls. Yes, homemade rolls - my mom made rolls for over 100 people the night before & morning of the wedding while overseeing all the other food! She rocks! And Jeremiah's relatives are all awesome too! He had aunts & a grandma that made almost all the apple cake & pumpkin cupcakes for dessert. They also all helped in the kitchen during the luncheon & stayed after with Jonny's parents, my parents & sisters & aunt/cousin, and Jeremiah & I until everything was totally cleaned up & done! My sisters Tara & Kayleigh helped & Kayleigh even was able to recruit 2 of her friends (both really cute girls named Ashley) to help. I still can't figure out why they agreed to do that other than that they are just super awesome girls! And my aunt Lorie & cousin Annie came from Mapleton (we were in Pleasant Grove) to help with it all too! Jeremiah & I are so blessed to have such amazing families!!!

The reception was great too. I can't remember the name of the catering company but they served 3 soups (clam chowder, chicken noodle & creamy tomato) that were all SO good! I wasn't expecting them to be that great since often at this type of thing the food is just okay, but these soups were delicious! Plus there was really awesome breads & giant croutons to go with the soups. And that's why I ate till I was sick!

Well since the only time I pulled out the camera was at our visit to Barnyard Boo, here's a couple pics of the happy couple from their
photographer's blog:


Wedding (although these were taken a couple weeks before the wedding which I think is an awesome idea since the wedding day is busy enough. Plus it worked out really well since it rained off & on all day on Saturday)

And the 2 pictures we got with Jeremiah's phone on the wedding day:

Ellie & Jack with Papa (Jeremiah's dad)

Jack totally tired & needing a nap during photos at the reception site (this is how his face looked in most of the pictures I think)

The end. It was nice getting home around 7 last night so that Jeremiah & I could relax for a while before having to go to bed & start another week.

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