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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mummy juice

Sometimes I'm a bad mom, but today I'm a good mom! Look what Callie's going to have in her lunch box tomorrow! I found this idea (2nd picture) from a new favorite site
One Charming Party (LOVE it!). I got a 50 cent bottle of Minute Maid at WalMart (sometimes I like that place) and I didn't have any cream colored streamers so I got some dried out diaper wipes from my car (LOL - it's in desperate need of a good detail job!), cut them into connecting stips and went to work! I love it! :) I've also been putting these cute Halloween lunchbox jokes in her lunch for the past 2 weeks. She loves them! See what a good mom I am today?!

1 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

super duper cute.

i started reading one charming party but took it off my reader. then again, I also get their emailed updates and it's annoying, for the most part. but they do have SOME cute ideas!