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Monday, October 25, 2010

Barnyard Boo

While we were in Utah we went to the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving Point (in Lehi). For $7 the kids got a punch card that allowed you to do 7 different activities out of a variety of choices. It was right next to Cornbelly's which looked really fun too, but this was cheaper & there were pony rides, which Katelyn (our niece) was very interested in. Barnyard Boo turned out to be an excellent choice!

First punch: pony rides!

Second punch: spider toss with spider rings for prizes

No punch required: checking out the animals. Feed was 25 cents/handful. Uncle Justin bought a few handfuls & let the kids all feed the animals. Jack was hilarious - after he'd had his turn feeding the llama he sat on the ground & patiently picked up the kernels that fell to the ground during the other kids' turns. By the end he had a new big handful. He fed the llama again, picked up the kernels that got knocked out from its tongue again, & went in for one last turn. He makes me laugh!

Third punch: face painting

Fourth punch: monster bowling with stickers for the prize

Fifth punch: cookie "decorating," although it was really just smearing a glob of frosting on a cookie w/a popsicle stick. No sprinkles or real decorating. Prize: eat your cookie.

Sixth punch: making mummy pops

We were there for an hour & the kids had a great time! We gave our last punches away & headed off for pizza. What a fun time! It makes me bummed that there's never seasonal fun stuff to do here in Kingman. One of the major downsides of living in the desert :( I need a corn field & a farm!

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