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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who are the grown-ups here?

Jeremiah & I have joked quite a bit lately that our children act so independent they could probably get on just fine for days with nobody around. Some points to prove our case:

Last night Jeremiah had put the kids to bed & was out in the garage working. He heard children-voices in the house so he went in to check things out & they were up in the living room with all the lights on like they'd never even been put to bed, playing with their play food and pots & pans "cooking."

I stayed up way too late last night so I slept in this morning. I woke up & went in the kitchen to investigate the noises I was hearing. Jack had just finished making Callie some chocolate milk (from powder) & was working on his own. They're not even allowed in the fridge w/out "kermission" (Callie) and they're also not supposed to be getting up into the cupboards. They've never spooned out their own powder before either. Surprisingly there really wasn't a mess from it!

About an hour later I was doing dishes & all three of them were in the living room playing on the floor. I heard Callie talking to Ellie about spitting up & mentioning a burp cloth. I went in a couple minutes later to check on them & Ellie was sporting a bib around her neck! I never even put bibs on her! I thought it was totally cute of Callie to do that!

A little before 11 I was in my room feeding Ellie & I knew the kids had been in the kitchen but a lot of times they're just getting into the crayons that are in their own "coloring cabinet" so I didn't think too much about it. A few minutes later Callie came in & told me it was time for lunch & that she'd made us "sammiches" for lunch! And indeed she had! One for each of us - they usually only get half sandwiches :) She made her sandwiches by layering American cheese slices & chunks of string cheese, then pressing it all down together! Jack kept calling his a cheeseburger & he made a HUGE mess of his (shocker)! I ate mine, except I gave one of my 2 pieces of Am cheese to Jack. :)

7 talk to me:

Alison said...

It is sooo wonderful when they are so independent...but at the same time, you got your hands full!

Chelsea said...

at least it wasn't shredded cheese!

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, your kids have grown up!!! They're so independent aren't they? Cute as usual!!! Keep us posted with the house hunting plans.

Janelle said...

So cute. They sure do watch what we are doing don't they. It is nice to know that even when they say mean things to us they really do want to be just like us (scary thought).

trina said...

ha hah hah! wonderfully, delightful!

La Familia Mata said...

I love reading about the adventures of your kids. Highly amusing! Although, I must admit, it does scare me a bit for the adventures I have ahead of me!

shannon said...

it's seriously amazing how much they pick up on! way to go callie on the sammiches!