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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coolest Thank-you!

Last Monday the kids & I went to a birthday party for a little girl in our ward that was so great! It was so creative & well thought-out! People tell me how creative I am but I'm only faux creative! I spend tons of time online looking for ideas for parties & crafts & all kinds of things, but the parents who did this party just came up with all the stuff on their own! Now that's creative! So it was a rainbow-themed party and my favorite thing was the rainbow Jello. The dad had taken 6 or 7 different colors of Jello & layered them one at a time in a bunch of clear punch cups. Then if the kids liked they could have "clouds" (cool whip) on their rainbows. How cute is that?! I'm sure it's been done before but I would have never come up with something like that without finding it online first!

So the party was really cute & then the mom & dad & girl came over at the end of the week with thank you cards that she scribbled on & the dad made balloon animals for everyone! I guess when he was in college he did balloon animals to make some extra money. What a fun skill to have! Callie got a cute purple flower. Jack first got a green brontosaurus. He popped it a couple minutes later when he was playing with it on the floor so then the dad made him a yellow t-rex. That popped quickly too! Finally he made him a little blue mouse - a balloon animal that isn't easily popped! :) The kids loved them! I could only ever dream of having such cool thank-yous - and especially for being so prompt with them!!! It took me a month to sit down with Callie & do hers & I'd even bought the cards before the party! Typical Hillary.

2 talk to me:

Magical Balloon-dude Dale said...

Many of us balloon entertainers started out in college, but some of us never grew out of twisting.

Janelle said...

That is way above and beyond the call of duty for thank you's, awesome. I don't think I can even aspire to be that creative.