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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of [Pre]School!

Today was Callie's 1st day of preschool! She heard me talking on the phone to different friends about preschool a couple of months ago when we were trying to decide whether or not to send her at all & she would say, "Oh please mama! Please, please, please, let me go to school!" She was "so extremely excited" (her words) to go this afternoon! She was especially excited to read a Barbie book she'd spotted on Meet the Teacher Night last week! :) Highlights of school today: a sticker for listening to all of the rules, playing outside, having a snack, and reading! Highlight of my day: going to WalMart with 2 kids instead of 3! :) Is it bad that I wasn't the teensiest bit sad to send her to school today? Not because I wanted a break, but because I was really excited for her since she was looking forward to it so much! I think it will be different when it's kindergarten, but preschool's only 3 days a week for 3 hours. No tears from this mama today! Just happiness for my big girl!

4 talk to me:

trina said...

so adorable!

Alison said...

So cute! Love her backpack. I was rejoicing the first day of preschool. I can't say the same about kindergarten or first grade...but I think part of it is you are sad they are growing up soooo fast! Enjoy your 2kid moments!

Molly Riggs said...

that backpack is really cute!

Janelle said...

I am so glad when I hear that kids are excited for school, the challenge is keeping that excitement going. Will she be in kindergarten next year? Crazy.