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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 on the 12th

Tuesday, August 12th:

Totally didn't get 12 today. Just one of those days...

Started the day at the gym. Yay me! I signed up with a friend so I'm going to stick with it! For 6 months anyway - that's my goal. Only doing cardio for now.

Following my realtor to a house. Today's houses were much better than yesterday's! The whole thing is a bummer though! For supposedly being a buyer's market, it doesn't seem like much of one. There's just not that much inventory. And some people have their houses completely overpriced & they've been sitting on the market for months, more than a year in a couple of cases, & they've hardly lowered their price. Don't their realtors tell them they're never going to sell their house at those prices? It just makes me mad that some people are so pretentious! Well they obviously aren't desperate to sell their houses when they're $60,000 overpriced!!!

Callie, Jack & Ellie all went to my friend's house while I did some house hunting. Callie was so happy to hang out with her best friend Corinne! :) I think it's funny that my 4 year old has a BFF!

It's a bit ridiculous that at almost 3 Jack still eats like a 1 year old! It drives me nuts! My mom said that she almost quit after 3 kids (she had 6) because she was tired of cleaning up after meals. Amen! This is a regular occurrance at most mealtimes! Milk on the table, chicken on the floor, RIDICULOUS!

Checking out floorplans online in case we decide to go that route. We'd planned on building (we've been planning that forever but we've now actually paid to have real plans drafted!), but with the market being as bad as it is, we're going to have to hold on to our blueprints & keep our house & rent it out. We now plan on buying or building less of a house for the time being.

Watching the Olympics with Jonny & Katie. Thrilling. Not really. I'm just not that into it. But go USA anyway!

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