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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Utah Trip

My mom & dad were going to Utah for General Conference & I knew my mom wanted to go early so I woke up Wednesday morning & called her & asked if she wanted to go that day! Totally a spur of the moment decision since I'd considered it the day before & decided definitely not! We didn't leave for almost 5 hours after we'd decided to go and travel takes even longer with a nursing infant (and I'm not one of those dangerous rule-breakers who will nurse in a moving vehicle!), so we only went to Beaver that day. Utah trips are usually jam-packed, trying to fit as many visits in with our friends & family as we can. This trip most of my friends and family got shafted because it was difficult for me to get out of Wendy's house for the day before 2pm since we stayed up too late visiting & had 7 kids between the 2 of us - 5 of them wild hooligans & 2 of them very demanding newborns! Usually I get some good shopping in too but this time very little shopping was done & it was great hanging out in our pajamas half the day & visiting & letting our kids have a ball!

So Wendy was upstairs talking to me while I was getting ready for the day and Callie called up the stairs to tell us that the boys were coloring on Jackson! Spencer's 4 1/2, Preston's 3, & Jack's 2 1/2. Wendy asked Spencer about it & Spencer informed us that Jack did the blue & the green & he & Preston did the rest. When we asked WHY he said because Jack was doing it first! LOL

Callie loves taking pictures & she went crazy with the camera. This one's of her best boy friend (since she is constantly reminding me that Corinne is her best friend in the whole wide world) Spencer. When I uploaded/downloaded - whatever you call it - my pictures onto the computer I saw all kinds of pictures that I didn't remember taking at Wendy's house, but it was easy to identify who'd taken them since they're all from ground level! :)

Here's all 7 of them! Emily, Ellie, Tanner, Jack, Preston, Callie, & Spencer!

It was pretty much impossible to take a nice picture of all of them, so we finally told them to do things like stick out their tongues or make funny faces. Callie & Spencer had a good time with this!

On a final note, it was great listening to Conference on my drive home Sunday. I LOVED the talk towards the end of the Sunday afternoon session about young mothers. It was both uplifting & motivating. I just love Conference!

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