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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

12 on the 12th

Saturday, April 12th

Jonny & Jeremiah are loading up the toys first thing so they're ready to go play when I get up! This is Jonny's last weekend here so the boys wanted to make sure & make it good!

Jackson is just hanging out waiting for the girls to get up! He's usually the first one up in our house.

Ellie gets a lot more "tummy time" than the other kids got - probably because she doesn't hate it like they did!

Somebody at my baby shower gave me a birdseed sock for the kids & they loved seeing the birds come & eat it all. I bought a second one but it didn't last long so I decided to buy a traditional bird feeder & cheap birdseed & today I finally hung it up in the yard.

Ellie's watching House Hunters with me. I watch that a LOT! Especially since I'm nursing so often! It's got to be HGTV's most popular show!

Jonny & our (their) cousin Tyson are headed out the door for a double blind date. Jeremiah's wishing them luck & hoping they'll like their dates!

My mom & dad had to go take somebody some keys an hour out of town so they took Callie & Jackson with them for the ride! It's SO great having my mom & dad live right here! They're a great help to us & do a lot to help me keep my sanity!

Callie & Jack love painting. And I love paint with water books! They're much cleaner than the normal water paints!

Kenny is giving Jack a bath since Jack is totally excited to play with the new Backyardigan's Pirate Ship tub toy that Uncle Kenny just brought him!

Callie is constantly playing dress-up & here is in true princess dance form in her new Princess Aurora dress-up gown that Uncle Kenny just brought her! Uncle Kenny loves to spoil Callie & Jack! They love it too, but he should save his money! :) He's such a good uncle, with or without presents & treats!

It's Saturday night & since we didn't go out we ordered in! It must seem like we eat out a lot! We really didn't before, but we've been eating out a LOT since Ellie was born. There are just not enough hours in the day! Hopefully soon I'll start cooking most of our meals again.

Oh sweet hot tub! How I've missed you! This was the first time in at least 10 1/2 months that I was able to get in! It killed me all winter long when my back was aching & Jeremiah would head out to soak!

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