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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My funny children

First let me say that Jeremiah left the house at 5 this morning so I was wakened by a crash this morning at 7:45 and I ran to the kitchen to find Jack standing on a chair surrounded by a shattered drinking glass. He's funny because whenever he does something he thinks I'm going to be upset about he starts repeatedly saying before I can even say anything to him "I'm sorry Mom. I'm so sorry Mom. I'm so, so sorry." Who knows how long he'd been up this morning. The pantry door had been left open the night before so he had all kinds of stuff from the pantry including trail mix that was scattered on the table, mini dixie cups in mini stacks around the table & floor, a snack container that he couldn't get the lid off of, and more mess. He was working on getting a new cereal box opened (probably causing the glass to get knocked off the counter). Also the mop was on the kitchen floor. When I picked it up to put it with the bucket & take care of it he told me that he'd mopped & I discovered water in the mop bucket! We have a water cooler in the corner of our kitchen so I can just imagine him filling his little dixie cups and pouring the water into the bucket! Although it took me almost 45 minutes to get everything cleaned, swept & mopped, I found the whole thing pretty humorous. Anyway, here's a couple new funny things they've said. The couple things I remember anyway - they're constantly making me smile or laugh!

Jeremiah unfortunately taught our children to say "What's up? Chicken butt!" After some laughs when the kids said it I tried to at least band-aid the phrase & told them to say chicken bum. It only works half the time. But for a while they talked a lot about chicken butts & bums. So Jack's sitting on a kitchen chair & randomly says to me, "Mom, wanna look at my side? Look at my chicken butt. I have one!

A couple weeks ago Callie says to me, "Mom, you make my heart feel super happy!" OMG! If that doesn't melt your heart I don't know what would! I couldn't believe she'd come up with something like that. Turns out she didn't! I happened to sit down with her just in time to hear the end of this cartoon that I don't normally even have my kids watch, Ni Hao, Kai-lan (not because I don't approve but because they watch enough other stuff - why add one more to their list. Plus it doesn't seem as cute & sweet as stuff like Franklin & Little Bear.) Anyway, what does Kai-lan say at the end? "You make my heart feel super happy!" Oh well! It was still cute that she said it to me.

While we were in the car we were listening to some Disney CDs & the kids were guessing which movies the songs were from. One of them had both children stumped so Callie kept saying, "Tell me! Tell me!" I knew that she'd get it if she'd just keep listening so I told her to do just that. She kept asking & asking for me to tell her & she finally says, "I can't handle it mama! Tell me!"

Oh and the funniest one lately, Callie's sitting on the toilet a couple days ago & informs me: "Mom, pagina (what she calls her parts), rhymes with China." Where she got that one, I don't know - surely not from Ni Hao, Kai-lan! Oh & probably a year ago when she used to say Jermina instead of Jeremiah, she'd realized that pagina & Jermina sounded similar & it really annoyed Jeremiah and she knew it so she'd say, "Hi Jermina Pagina!" and giggle! LOL!!!

I just love the free entertainment my children are. Wait, free? Okay, maybe a movie's cheaper but a movie could never fill my heart with the love & joy my children bring to me!

5 talk to me:

The Mikkelsen Family said...

that is so funny about Jack! I can just picture the dixie cup trail of water

Chelsea said...

oh my gosh. I think Callie calling Jer Jermina Pagina is what you were talking about this afternoon. THAT is so freaking hilarious. Seriously, I was trying not to laugh out loud at work (i was leaving a VM and reading at the same time) and I started crying from holding in the laughter.

What a nut...er, pagina.

La Familia Mata said...

Loved all of you posts! Super cute not to mention beyond amusing! I love the pictures of Ellie... so cute and creative.

shannon said...

OMGosh...Jermina Pagina is the best ever! i'm gonna have Adam call Jeremiah that next time they talk. We're still figuring out Memorial Day, but I'll let you know SOON!

Dansie Family said...

what a cute family. i love those newborn pictures. and aren't cousins the greatest. i love getting together with my sistas and their kids.