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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random stuff

It's past bedtime but here's one last post. Today's been a different day - Callie's with my mom visiting my Grandma & Grandpa Green in Heber, AZ. The house has been much more quiet! No fighting for one (meaning no squealing & a lot less crying), and plus she's a little chatterbox & talks my ear off! :) Poor Jack is such a sickly kid! I took him to the Dr. a couple weeks ago since I thought he had allergies & he does so he got a prescription for that. His nose has been running for a month! And now he's his molars are bothering him & he's been absolutely miserable for days! Then he started coughing a couple days ago - I don't know if it's from the allergies or what. Then today we were at someone's house & he & a little boy were chasing each other & Jack had a coughing fit & coughed so much that he threw up repeatedly! For about 20 mins. or more he was coughing so hard that he could barely talk to me! When we got home I gave him albuterol & a cough drop & that took care of it pretty quickly.

Anyway, here's a few more pictures & I'm off to bed!

I can't believe how much Ellie's grown in the last month! And these pictures were taken within minutes of the same time exactly one month apart!

My girls!

Ellie after her first bath! Okay, seriously she was a day shy of 5 weeks old before her cord came off! Ridiculous! I quit giving her sponge baths a while ago & had just been wiping her down with wipes because sponge baths suck! They take forever & she'd cry most of the time! I was so excited to finally be able to bathe her! And she didn't shed a single tear! I think she maybe even liked it!

We didn't get a single decent picture of our family or Ellie on her blessing day! Here we are anyway.
We had lots of family in town the last weekend of March because not only did we bless Ellie but also my dad was made Bishop of our ward. My Grandpa Green is great! Here he is reading to the kids, but he's so funny. The kids sat down with him & he opened the book & started making up all this gibberish to see if they'd say anything & they just listened & didn't say a word. For about 10 seconds. Till something else caught Callie's attention & she was off! We laughed about it & she never knew what had happened. Or cared! :)

Jonny left today. I still love him & I think he still loves me. He had the angry me at the end of the pregnancy, and then the teary, moody me afterwards (I'm 5 days sober!). I know Jeremiah will really miss having somebody to play with! Good luck this semester Jonny! Callie wanted to know your phone number tonight so she could call you from her great grandma's house & tell you goodnight!

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