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Sunday, January 28, 2007

feliz cumpleaños a mí

My birthday was Friday so Jeremiah took me to Vegas Thursday night. We were going to see a show, but because of my indecisiveness I waited until Thursday afternoon to try to buy tickets & the show I wanted was sold out so instead we did dinner & a movie. Jeremiah wondered why I hadn't chosen Rocky instead of the chick flick we ended up seeing. Hmmm. Actually, for our first date my friends & I drove to 2 or 3 Blockbusters to rent all the Rocky movies & we had a 2-night Rocky Marathon. Not that we were into it, but we figured it'd be a great way to win over the guys. Victory, obviously! And that was the beginning of our beautiful story! So yes, Jeremiah & I will definitely watch the newest Rocky together - when it comes out on DVD!

We spent a long day Friday looking at model homes. We recently bought some lots that we're going to build on, so we wanted to find a layout that would suit our family for the rest of our time in Kingman - it could be a very long time! Here's Jeremiah & I at the end of the day on some couch in one of the homes. In typical Jeremiah fashion, he wouldn't smile - just stare or make gay faces.

So the only other update is that Jeremiah is officially a college student! Woohoo! He's taking a Spanish class at the community college and impressing all of his Mexican employees with phrases like, "De donde eres?" & "Que hora es?" His guys humor him & answer his questions about what they like & do they like football, etc., & then they ask Jeremiah questions back. Jeremiah's the head of his class, although he needs some work on his accent! :)

4 talk to me:

C+R said...

Happy happy birthday, sister dear. Happy days will come to you all year...

So, maybe they will and maybe they won't, but it's nice to think it's possible, right?

Cute picture. Jeremiah needs a lesson on smiling. Tell him sonrisar (to smile, in spanish, of course) and if he doesn't know the word, make him look it up.

MikeF said...

Zum Geburtstag, viel Glueck! Sorry, Trix, I had to say happy birthday in German. I'm not up on much spanish. I learned enough to say the name of the church and the Book of Mormon in Spanish if the need arose on my mission, as well as, "No hablo Espanol. Yo hablo Alleman."
Anyways, Happy Birthday! Sorry, I'm horrible with remembering these dates. I'm lucky I remember Leigh Ann's and Jacob's.

shannon said...

Hilarious...I love that Jer is taking Spanish...you should convince your dad to join in! And that's a darling pic of you guys, your eyes look amazing of course! Miss you!

Nathan said...

Hey Divis'! It's the Coffeys. Erik Goodlad told me you had a blog. Wonderful! Glad I could find you guys! Blogs are so coool, to keep in contact with old friends!

Stay in touch!