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Monday, February 05, 2007


That would be Callie. We're trying out using "the naughty spot/place" when she's in trouble since she laughs at spankings & enjoys having her nose in the corner. She stands on her little mat for 2 minutes until she hears the "beep beep" of the little kitchen timer. So a few days ago she's put on the naughty spot & about 30 seconds later she loudly says "beep beep! beep beep! beep beep!" No response from me. "Mom! You hear that? Beep beep! Beep beep! Beep beep!" Oh my gosh! A couple days ago I was trying to get her to come to me so I could get her dressed & she was just not coming so as she walked by I grabbed her arm, apparently hurting her. She immediately started sobbing & before I could say anything she shouted through the tears, "SAY SORRY!" When I asked if she was okay instead of saying sorry she repeated again, but not shouting this time, just sobbing, "Mom! Say sorry!" Okay, I'm sorry! She's sooooooo 2! Another day she picked up a little bag with her stuff in it & said, "Bye Mom, I wuv you! I'm going shopping to WalMart!" as she blew me a kiss & strutted away on her little pink plastic dress-up shoes. Oh, & Sunday morning when she first saw me ready for church she said, "Mom! You look weawy (really) cute! Your dress! Your shoes! Your nega-less (neckless). You look weawy cute!" Sooooo girly!

Jack on the other hand is just as sweet & polite as can be, saying & signing thank you, saying "toot toot" when he toots!, and saying and signing pees (please). He's adorable! Poor boy has been working on getting some teeth in for about 3 weeks now and there's no end in sight! He's fairly grumpy at times, but when he's not grumpy he's just plain adorable! Oh, & he loves putting on hats or other head pieces & checking himself out in the mirror - he gets a total kick out of it!

2 talk to me:

C+R said...

I love little Jack. He's just so stinking cute. Callie is definitely a pill. You better watch out for her or she's going to be wanting to wear makeup when she's 7 and shaving her legs at 9!

Where did you get those antlers/ears Jack is wearing? Surely you can find something cuter....

shannon said...

i absolutely love callie j's attitude...her and collin are such a match made in heaven. and jack is so sweet it's adorable. i love the nega-less comment, so very callie!