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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Using Her Noodle

Yesterday the kids had Mac & Cheese for lunch. I came back in the kitchen with the clippers to give Jack a haircut & Callie was talking about macaroni in her nose. I checked out both nostrils & saw no evidence of mac & cheese, but when she breathed through her nose it definitely sounded like there was something in there, and since she said she'd put a piece up her nose I definitely believed her! I stood there with a tissue to her nose trying to get her to blow hard but she just wasn't blowing hard enough. After a demonstration by yours truly she got the hang of it & gave a big blow & out flew a noodle from her nose!

We left to run errands a little bit later & her nose seemed a little snotty - almost macaroni-ish! I thought maybe some little noodle pieces had broken off. Jeremiah was home from work by the time we finished our errands so I sent the kids in with him while I grabbed a couple bags of groceries from the car. When I got in the house he & Callie were talking about macaroni & cheese because apparently she had just sneezed out two more noodles! :)

Oh, & Jack did get a haircut. Luckily a good haircut is only 2 weeks away! I'm still working on blending! (It's hard when you're dealing with a squirming 16 month-old!)

So I'm totally stoked because I finally have a new cell phone! My other one was getting so bad! My batteries wouldn't hold a charge for more than like an hour & I couldn't use my #6 at all so it was impossible for me to call any new number with a 6 or to use M, N, or O when I was sending texts, which if you text much, you can imagine how difficult it would be to not use those letters! So anyway, my new phone came yesterday - a Motokrzr KM1. Jeremiah has always thought that Motorolas were the crappiest phones, but he said maybe they've improved - he hasn't really been in-the-know for a couple of years now. Plus since it has a warranty & insurance, can I go wrong? I'm most excited that now I have speakerphone, can lock my keys, and most importantly Bluetooth! Woohoo! I actually had to go to the chiropractor a few times a couple months ago & both Jeremiah & my chiropractor got onto me for holding my phone between my ear & shoulder (which I do a LOT)! So I'm SOOO excited to have Bluetooth! I know I could have used an earpiece with a wire, but no I couldn't have! I hate them! The cord drives me nuts and I hate having just an earbud! So I got a sweet Plantronics that has the little ear hanger with it & I already love it! Technology rocks! Oh, and my phone is like a little mp3 player too. Doubt I'll use that part all that often, but cool nonetheless!

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shannon said...

oh my gosh, i can't stop laughing. i love that callie stuck macaroni up her nose...i am dying over here! i love that you took pictures too...what camera did you end up buying???