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Friday, January 12, 2007

We did it!

We started trying to potty train Callie when she was about 18 mos. because I was so excited about the Princess Pull-ups, but she wasn't ready for it. And since Pull-ups are a lot more expensive than diapers we went back to diapers for a few months. So about 3-4 months ago we started working with her again & she did much better. Now just a few short months later she's an official Big Girl as the Pull-up potty-training site would call her! We had a big girl party for her New Year's Eve with cake & Dora ice cream (she of course picked it out) & we gave her a new package of panties & some princess Megablocks that she'd seen sitting in the garage for a couple months that were to be her reward for being potty trained. I had taken her with me to pick out her new package of panties and there was no question that they were to be Dora, but unfortunately for her WalMart was out of her size. Doesn't it seem like WalMart is always out of half of what you need? I felt bad for Callie but I wasn't too upset since the Dora panties are super ugly! She choose Tinkerbell panties instead. It will be nice when she can wear a size 4 - there are way cuter options once you hit 4. Her 2/3's are big on her though so it will probably be a while before she's a 4! I did get these cute little panties for her from Osh Kosh. They say they're a 2 - yeah right! Anyway, we're so excited that Callie's potty trained! In the words of Dora, "Lo hicimos!" We did it!

2 talk to me:

Joan said...

Congratulations to Callie and you! What a shame us 'Big Girls' don't continue to get a party and ice cream everytime we go!

shannon said...

love the panties!