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Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas Stuff

Christmas was pretty fun this year with Callie! Even though she doesn't know enough about Santa to not be able to sleep the night before, she knows that he lives in the North Pole, likes milk & treats, has reindeer & that he's back home resting now & getting ready for next year. We left "pumpkin gooey butter cake" (thanks Shannon - the recipe was a hit!) & milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve so when Callie got up Christmas morning she went over to the mantle to inspect things & then came into our room to tell us "The milk is all gone - Santa drank all the milk!" How cute is that?! She had a great time opening presents - she was a pro! Jack on the other hand - I wanted to get some pictures of him opening some up but since he wasn't really interested in opening presents I had to pick him up & set him back by his present! Callie, the dutiful older sister, helped Jack open most of his presents. Callie also found a new favorite word that morning - mine! A couple days after Christmas I had to sit with her & have a talk about it. Amazingly it helped & we're hearing "mine" only occassionally, which is totally expected for a 2-year old! So below is a clip of Callie going through her stocking - one piece of candy at a time! It's a little long so unless you're a grandma or aunt (and even then) it's probably a little boring.

1 talk to me:

shannon said...

darling photos, and i love gooey pumpkin butter cake! i am glad it was such a hit!