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Saturday, March 19, 2011

They're After Me Lucky Charms!

For the last couple of years a leprechaun has snuck into our home & hidden clues for our kids to find "gold" on St. Patrick's Day. Callie and Jack really wanted to see the leprechaun this year so we decided to make a leprechaun trap. The kids were totally into it & had a great time painting the box green and painting the stripes on our rainbow tube. Jack made the "leprechaun ladder" at preschool, and Callie made the "Come get The Gold" sign that would tempt any leprechaun!

Sadly we were outsmarted by leprechauns again! But he must have just barely gotten away since no clues were hidden this year for a chocolate hunt. Instead he left behind gold coins (he had to in order to escape from our trap!), and a note saying he'd hidden our Lucky Charms. The kids looked all over before finding them in the dryer. Maybe next year!

This was the funniest part of my morning. A day or two before I'd been in a hurry to get something from the pantry & caused a ton of stuff to fall to the floor. I didn't have time then to clean it up and the kids must not have noticed. When they opened the pantry door to check for the Lucky Charms and found the disaster, Callie couldn't believe that the Leprechaun had been so naughty & made a mess of our pantry! Uh yeah, it was totally the leprechaun... LOL

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