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Monday, March 07, 2011

Birthday Ballerina

Ellie's 3rd birthday was quite the event! Her birthday was on Saturday & we were blessing Adelyn on Sunday so we had lots of family in town. I wanted to make Ellie's birthday special for her because she's old enough to enjoy pretty things & plus we hadn't had a big party for her yet. We had everyone come over for a late lunch/early dinner since Callie had a dance recital later that evening. We had chicken salad on croissants, a fruit & a vegetable tray, and pink punch.

Jack made Ellie this birthday card completely by himself! I couldn't believe it! He's quite artistic! He used cupcake liners I'd cut, he punched the head out & came up with the body on his own, he used a tutu from the ballerina cupcake picks, and stole my glittered number 3 that I'd made for Ellie's birthday hat! I had to make a new one because I just couldn't take it from his amazing birthday card made with so much love. I think it's the sweetest thing ever!

The birthday ballerina enjoying her lunch.

Most of her party guests. My Grandpa & Grandma Watkins aren't pictured but they got there after lunch.

I feel really bad that I didn't remember to take any pictures of Callie in her recital costume! I'm glad I at least have her in these pictures. She looked so beautiful! (She also did a fantastic job at her recital!) Callie & Jack were very helpful to Ellie as she opened up presents.

Proof that I was there :) The only picture I'm in her birthday.

Ellie was exhausted though because of all the excitement + not having a nap. After opening the first presents she became very unenthusiastic/tired and showed very little excitement as she'd open a present, merely glance at it, set it aside, & move on to the next. I was sad that I hadn't made her take a nap. She got really thoughtful & fun gifts & I was looking forward to seeing her reaction/happiness at some of her gifts. Poor sleepy birthday girl!

The ballerina cupcakes! I saw the inspiration for the picks online & cut out the leotard with my cricut. My sweet friend Abby stayed up one night making & assembling most of the picks for me. Not only that but my first batch of icing was an epic fail. It's an exact recipe (which I hadn't made before) and it required a candy thermometer & mine was broken. After my icing didn't turn out Jeremiah & I had to leave to take Callie to her recital so Abby came to my rescue - again! She came over before going on a date with her husband & made a new batch while I wasn't even there! Yeah, she's amazing! Thanks again Abby!

The day didn't end as well as it began. Callie's recital went on forever & it was close to 9 when we finally got home. Our poor birthday girl who had already been exhausted had gone to sleep without us ever singing happy birthday & letting her blow out candles. :( The next night after we got home from our busy day from Adelyn's blessing & luncheon our little family (of SIX!) sang to her & let her blow out her candles. Again she hadn't had a nap & was exhausted! Too much excitement for a brand new 3-year old! She had a couple bites of her cupcake & was ready for bed. We love you so much Ellie-girl!

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I love the pictures (I saw them in my google reader) but they're not here! Try reloading?

She's seriously the cutest 3 year old I know.

Heidi said...

I love the pictures! Did you make her headband? It's super cute!

Janelle Day said...

I wish I could hire you as my party planner. Even if I came up with these cute ideas I would never get them done cuz i procrastinate so much. I can't believe how much Ellie looks like Callie.