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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Up to no good

I walked into the kitchen after changing Addy to find the freezer door wide open. Ellie was MIA. I was ironing a couple mins later & glanced over at the couch where she was now sitting eating a fudgesicle. I told her to get in the kitchen just as Jack was knocking on the door, getting home from preschool. I got him in the house & saw that she'd set the fudgesicle on the bar chair & it was making a huge drippy mess. But no worries - she was licking it clean! A little while later I realized there must have been a wrapper so I asked her where it was... in her room between the bed & the window wall (completely out of site). And yes, there was fudgesicle in the bedroom, on the couch & on the living room floor!

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