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Monday, February 28, 2011

{baby love}

Everyone in our home is loving having baby Adelyn.

For Jack being so upset about not getting a brother, he sure loves to cuddle & snuggle with Adelyn. He loves to talk to her in a high sweet voice. I adore him! He's the best big brother! The top picture I took after I went into my bedroom one afternoon where I'd left Adelyn napping. He seriously loves this girl!

Callie is a fantastic help to me! She is great about trying to calm Adelyn down if she gets fussy & I can't get her right away or if she needs entertaining. She often sits across from her in the car (we have captain seats in the middle) and she's great about giving her a binky or anything Adelyn needs when she's in her carseat. Callie has been picking Adelyn up when she thinks I'm not looking. I finally told her today (Mar 31) that it's okay so she has taken full advantage of being allowed to & she's carried her & held her a bit today!

Ellie is also very sweet with Adelyn. She loves to show her toys & I have to remind her (and Jack too) to not put the toys right in Adelyn's face. Ellie asks all the time if she can hold Addy & I try to let her often. She usually is only interested in holding her for about 45 seconds before she's ready for me to take Adelyn. She talks about the differences between the things she can do & the things Adelyn can do, since Ellie's a big sister! :) Yesterday & today I've caught Ellie laying on the floor next to Adelyn & then rolling Adelyn up onto her (Ellie's) chest. She's quite proud. I'm quite nervous. I did have a talk with the kids the other day about being very careful with Adelyn & I compared her to an egg after a friend gave me the idea. I shook an egg up so it would scramble to teach them not to shake her, I squeezed one really hard so it broke to teach them not to squeeze her too tight, and I dropped one to teach about not dropping a baby.

Jeremiah is smitten with his newest girl. He says how cute she is all the time & I love to see him kissing on her & cuddling with her. He has sweet & funny conversations with her, and the kids all love it when he makes Adelyn "dance." He loves his girls. He's such a great father!

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Nichole Christensen said...

I love this post! And the ones below it. I'm so glad I got to read an update. Adelyn is beautiful. I'm so so happy for you and your family!