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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seriously So Blessed


Because of these 2.

Thanks to this little one:

It was the best weekend ever! (Feb 5)

For starters, my sister Tara came into town on Thursday night to hang out with me on Friday. On Friday evening she went to dinner with my parents & when she came back that night she had my sister Chelsea with her! All the way from Kansas! It was such a fun surprise! The funny thing was I'd talked to my dad while he was in Vegas that afternoon & he'd said something like "we're just on our way to Costco" & I'd said "We? Who are you with?" He said "Oh nobody, I just usually have your mom with me so I wasn't thinking." Liar! He had Chelsea with him! I never suspected a thing!

On Saturday morning I got up & got ready & headed to Abby's house. She & Summer were throwing me a "little" baby shower - yep, for my FOURTH baby (and 3rd girl!)! (It was mostly with the people I'm closest to.)

Abby & Summer threw me {and Adelyn} the most amazing party ever! Here's some of their awesome party stylin' (you'll definitely want to click to enlarge these!):

So people had been showing up & Abby got up & welcomed everyone to the shower & said before we got started they had a little surprise for me. In walks these girls!!!:

I tear up just looking at this picture. (Nope, not cause it's a bad picture of me!) Abby had arranged for my dear friend Wendy & my sister Kayleigh to come all the way from Utah (Highland & Sandy) for my shower! I teared up when they walked through the door - I was completely overwhelmed with emotion! I can't think of a more amazing surprise! (Wendy and I have been close friends since Jeremiah & I got married - almost 10 years! She's a sister to me!) I still can't believe that Kayleigh & Wendy drove so many hours to spend a few hours with me - there's a lot of love there!

So these are the people who worked their butts off for my fantastic party: Abby & Summer of course, my mom made cupcakes, Kate made a fruit tray, & Lacey was in the kitchen cleaning up forever afterwards! They all did more than what I just listed. They are all so good to me!

The tablescape was of so beautiful & Abby & Summer paid attention to every little detail! We had a chicken pasta salad on croissants, fruit w/my favorite dip, veggies w/dip, water (all dressed up in cute wrappers), and jumbo coconut cupcakes!

We played a laid back candy/candy bar guessing game. The prizes were delicious Rocky Mountain Candy Factory caramel apples! And lucky me - I won! I LOVE caramel apples!

Adelyn and I were completely spoiled by everyone! Crazy spoiled! Super cute handmade blankets, adorable outfits, crazy cute hair accessories, tons of diapers, lots of other stuff and even a pedicure for me & a frozen yogurt gift card for the family!

To wrap up the party everyone got to get their sugar on at the candy bar.

After 4 kids I've had a few showers - this was amazing!

Me with my sisters/mom: {Chelsea, Tara, mom, Kayleigh}

Most of my besties & my family: {Kate, Wendy, Summer, me, Abby, Chelsea, Tara, mom, Kayleigh}

THANK YOU Abby & Summer! I know how much work it is to throw a party like this - I truly appreciate it! I'm grateful for everyone else's help with the party too. Thank you to my parents for flying Chelsea in, and thank you to Chelsea, Kayleigh & Wendy for traveling so far to make this party even better than a girl could've ever hoped for!

I'm seriously so blessed.

It's exhausting being my friend! LOL!

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Heidi said...

I LOVED this! What an awesome baby shower! The decorations were straight from a Better Homes and Gradens magazine--holy cow!!! Everything looked so wonderful! You are a very blessed friend!