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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St. Patrick's Day at the Divis house: creating family traditions one silly holiday at a time!

For most (normal) people St. Patrick's Day is just like any other day of the week. But not in our house! Last year a leprechaun snuck into our house & hid clues leading to chocolate coins & coloring pages for the kids to find. They loved it so much & have talked a lot about it throughout the year. Over a month ago they started occassionally talking about St. Patrick's Day. You woulda thought the night before St. Patrick's Day was Christmas Eve or something! The kids were super wired & couldn't stop talking about the leprechaun. Callie said she was going to stay up all night to catch it. They left a drink of water & some money out for him. We don't know what the leprechaun did with those things, but in the morning it was all gone, cup included. They found their note from the leprechaun when they went to have some (what else) Lucky Charms that Dad got them for breakfast. The leprechaun was so sneaky & skilled - he was able to leave the note w/the first clue in the box before it had even been opened! At the end of the hunt they found their gold coins & coloring pages (which Callie had specifically mentioned several times)! After breakfast the kids helped me make rainbow cupcakes. I saw the idea/directions in the Family Fun magazine (love that btw), and it would have been nice if they would have mentioned that the cupcakes would take like TWO HOURS to prepare! Okay, it might've just been an hour & a half, but seriously people, these cupcakes took a LOT of patience! I had to divide the batter into 7 bowls, color each bowl of batter, and then layer the teensiest amounts of batter on top of each other. Each colored layer took between 10-15 mins! I don't know if I could do these every year - they sucked to make. But SO SO fun to eat!!! And delicious! I just love cupcakes & I've recently discovered that I really like chilled cupcakes! YUM! Anyway, we completed our day of silly holiday fun with a semi St. Patrick's Day dinner. Semi because no, we did not have corned beef. I made it last year & they hated it (and Jeremiah hated it all the other years I'd sometimes made it too)! Instead we had an oven-roasted chicken, french bread, cabbage, a platter of cut fruit laid out like a rainbow (with strawberries, pineapple, oranges, kiwi, blueberries, & red grapes & marshmallows for clouds - also from FF mag), and our rainbow cupcakes for dessert! I know that Jeremiah can't help but roll his eyes at me sometimes, so it was nice when he told me he appreciates that I make an effort to create family traditions, since those are the things you look back on when you're grown that you really enjoyed about your childhood. At least in our cases.

And in case you'd like a leprechaun to hide clues for your children, here's some ideas for the little guy. (I know - they're SUPER cheesy!)

Oh yeah, one thing that I think is crazy funny, and when I say crazy I mean CUH-RAZY, is that last year I was looking online for some St. Patty's Day fun/inspiration and I came across several blogs where people had let leprechauns come into their homes & make SERIOUS messes! Okay, I may be a little too into this, but trashing your house?! What the!! That's just messed up! Why in the WORLD would somebody overturn couches, dump cereal all over, and make their house look like somebody had broken in?! I laugh every time I think of this one picture I saw. I wish I could find it. Please don't tell me you do this!

2 talk to me:

Richelle said...

i looooooove those rainbow cupcakes! they turned out so great!

Janelle said...

You know I just love you. You get the most out of life. I honestly think it is so awesome how you make all of these family traditions. You need to make a family tradition and silly holiday blog. You are amazingly awesome!